Friday, 24 June 2011

XY Chromosome Sundae:Taylor Kitsch

It's hard not to be slightly obsessed with Taylor Kitsch. He is exquisite,with an angel's face and a body made for pleasure. He has this slightly tortured, intriguing aura about him, particularly in Friday Night Lights. Anybody who watched that show will appreciate the multidimensionality and sensitivity he brought to the bad boy role of Tim Riggins. He's not just a very pretty face. Born in Canada, Kitsch was originally an ice hockey player but that plan derailed when an injury stopped him from progressing further. Not one to rest on his laurels, Taylor tried plan B, acting and modelling. And I have to say on behalf of many women in the world, ice hockey's loss is our gain. He's starred in X Men Origins, The Bang Bang Club, Gospel Hill and Battleship. Next up, he's starring in Oliver Stone's Savages with Aaron Johnson and I think this will be great exposure for him and a nice opportunity to show his talent. What I really want to know is... Did model Jessica White tap that ass? There's a rumour that they dated and they look incredible together. See sizzling photo shoot and chemistry above for exhibit A. I think they did date and more power to stunning, dark chocolate fine Jessica, he is glorious.

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