Saturday, 25 June 2011

The Blasian Persuasion

Model Tyson Beckford, black father and chinese mother. Mind blowing, WOW. He looks like a God. This guy is in a league of his own, out of this world! Astonishing looking man. Drools...

Actress Robinne Lee, half jamaican and half chinese. I think she is so so beautiful.

American football player Will Demps, korean mother and black father. He is ridiculously good looking, absolutely delicious. No wonder former Destiny's Child member Latoya Luckett chose him as the love interest for her video. They look hot together in that shot.

Pharrell Williams, half black and half fillipino. Musician, producer and kick ass entrepreneur. God I love this dude, he is gorgeous, sexy, incredibly savvy, innovative and just cool as hell.
Any excuse to post pictures of him really. Hands down the most stylish male celebrity out there, this dude will throw anything together and not give a shit what people think. He rocked a pink jumper and looked great! That's confidence and being totally comfortable in your skin and sexuality. LOVE him!

Actress Sharon Leal, black father and fillipino mother. Beautiful creature.

Singer and actress Cassie Ventura aka Diddy's lover and protogee. Hot as hell. Her mother's black and her father is fillipino.

Singer Crystal Kay is half black, half Korean and all beautiful.

Poet, actress and The Wire star Sonja Sohn is lovely. She's the daughter of a black father and korean mother.

Striking Model and entrepreneur Kimora Lee Simmons. Black father and korean mother. She's also the partner of mega God actor Djimon Hounsou, lucky bitch.

Actress Rae Dawn Chong is the daughter of a black mother and half chinese father, comedian Tommy Chong. Rae is a gorgeous woman.

Model Chanel Iman is black and korean. Here she is with her equally beautiful boyfriend Christpher Smith, what a lovely looking couple.

Singer and actress Amerie, black father and korean mother. Lovely looking lady, and surely in contention for the best legs in show biz.

Is it me or are the media obsessed with half black and half white mixed race celebrities? To be honest, I think there are beautiful people from every race, background, mixture you can imagine. I think we should celebrate diverse beauty more. I'll happily drool over Idris Elba, Charlie Hunnam and Takeshi Kaneshiro equally, they're all completely different and beautiful in my eyes. In light of that, I thought I'd shine a light on a mixture that rarely gets talked about. Oh yeah, the blasian peeps. To be honest, black and asian people procreating together produce some pretty goddam, motherfuckin, hot children. Enjoy.


  1. in a few words? you're totally right. the media needs to get w/ the rest of the world =)

  2. Thanks Danny. I 100% agree,so good there are other alternatives to mainstream media.:-)


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