Thursday, 30 September 2010

Blog Feature

The lovely Ronke who writes the fabulous The Musings of Ondo Lady blog has featured Sober In The Cauldron in her Myspace section. Check out my little tidbit interview and the rest of her blog through the link below. It's a veritable trove of addictive fashion and culture morsels.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010


So Takers is out, I've seen it and it's not reinventing the heist genre or pushing any bounderies...But, I cannot wait to own this movie on dvd. It is pure, unadulterated fun and the man candy in it is superb!I'll probably watch it repeatedly while pleasuring myself, yup, I said it. Idris Elba, yummy yummy,praise Jesus, allah,or whatever God you worship, check. Paul Walker, absolutely stunning man,drools on laptop and clothing.Paul has a black girlfriend in the movie and I love him even more.To that actress, you were living the dream girl! Michael Ealy, gorgeous, check. TI, fiiiiine, check. Jay Hernandez, delicious, check.Hayden Christenson, tasty, check. Chris Brown. Hmmm... I will say it doesn't end well for Chris(oh well, that's what happens when you beat on the world's favourite bajan princess).Though he does have the best scene in the movie. How often do we see a film with a predominantly black cast and black produced do so well? TI and Will Packer produced the film and I'm really pleased it shocked all the nay sayers and was number one in its opening weekend and is still in the top 10.

Monday, 27 September 2010


The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are awesome and Karen O is incredibly charismatic. I love this song. It's one of their classics. The lyrics are haunting and true.It unlocks something in me and makes me feel melancholy. I really like the video, Karen isn't featured in it but it's creepy and atmospheric.Love the blind folded drummer playing with wooden spoons in the back of the couple's car. Incongruous and a little unsettling but in the best way.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Treat Of The Week

I did try to upload my song of the moment Cee Lo Green's Fuck You but blogger is giving me problems. Grrrrr! The man from the fantastic Gnarls Barkley is back and Fuck You is a funky slice of music heaven.Anthemic and infectious, it's the song everybody will be talking about if they aren't already.The video is brilliant, retro cool and hilarious.The pic features the delightfully eccentric Cee Lo and another equally awesome crooner, Janelle Monae.Check the video out on youtube, I'll try to upload again at some point.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Telescopes To Russia

I've developed this habbit of reading several books simultaneously. I've always been intrigued by Russia and plan on visiting someday. It's a fascinating country;Pushkin,Fyodor Dostoyevsky,the winter palace,the mystery shrouding the disappearance of Anastasia from the royal family... So much to pique your curiousity. I'm also reading Daniel Kalder's Strange Telescopes,an anti travel novel about his year long quest in search of the most bizarre people and places in Russia.Follow his search for the mythical lost city of tramps in the sewers of Moscow,and hunt for demons and exorcists in the Ukraine. Then there's the messiah, a one time traffic cop with thousands of followers awaiting the apocalypse in Siberia. Plus a secret lurking in the only wooden skyscraper on the plannet. It is darkly comic and heaving with weird and wonderful characters.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Damned If I Do

I'm reading Damned If I do, a collection of short stories by Percival Everett. I think Percival Everett is a genius. He's a black writer nobody can pigeon hole. His writing is sharp,witty and satirical.I wish he was more lauded, but he's neither commercial nor does he play the game. I've heard great things about Erasure, and its the next book of his I'll pick up.

XY Chromosome Sundae:Kymani Marley

Musician, actor and son of reggae legend Bob Marley, Kymani Marley is handsome, rugged, talented and so sexy.Jesus Christ. A stone cold honey. There's something about those Marley men...Just ask Lauryn Hill!I first saw Kymani in cult Jamaican film Shottas. He's released more albums since then, check him out in the movie One Love with beautiful actress and dancehall star Cherine Anderson.It also stars hot stuff and man of the moment Idris Elba.

Shed Of Geekdom

My brother and I are addicted to British comedy The Inbetweeners. It follows a group of teenage friends navigating their way through sixth form.Welcome to their world of awkwardness and embarassing moments. It is absolutely hilarious.It's had a cult following for a while but has now hit the big time. Catch it on E4,Monday nights.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Shout Out

My blog now comes up in google search(I have no idea how this happened). Hmmm I wonder who's been googling moi...Just wanted to give a shout out to all the people who visit the blog.You anonymous folk out there, yes you! Lurkers and the like. Thank you and do sign up as a follower. Muchos gracias!

Retro Candy

Eccentric,mercurial,complex,contradictory.Just a few of the words that describe Donyale Luna, the first black supermodel.Donyale was born Peggy Freeman in America in the late 40's, by the sixties she'd cleverly and carefully constructed the persona of Donyale Luna.An evasive other worldly creature that ran rings around the press and always gave completely different answers to the same questions.They were fascinated by her racial identity which made her uncomfortable. She fed this curiousity, often claiming to have some chinese, indian or irish ancestry.Nobody ever really knew. As well as being Warhol's muse, she was also an actress and friend of Salvador Dali. Her filmography is avant garde.She starred in films produced by Andy Warhol, Fredirico Fellini and Otto Preminger. In the movie Skidoo she featured as the mistress of God played by Groucho Marx. A relative described Luna as being " A very weird child, even from birth, living in a wonderland,a dream" She crawled on her hands and knees on the catwalks, loved life and her brilliantly bizzarre comments include: "I'm from the moon baby!" "I'm seven feet tall, I can see out of my third eye and I eat rats." She died in Rome after a drug overdose.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Weird Et Al Humdinger

Wierd Et Al Humdinger is the guise under which I'll post all that is bizarre,ridiculous strange and true in the world.

On average 12 newborns will be given to the wrong parents daily!(that's reassuring)

The first bomb dropped by the allies on Berlin in world war II killed the only elephant in the Berlin zoo.

Place a tiny amount of alcohol on a scorpion and it will immediately go mad and sting itself to death.

Charlie Chaplin once won third prize in a Charlie Chaplin look alike competition

Blossom Grant a pig from East Sussex got an invitation to register to vote from the local council.

Note the potato face portrait is by Lebanese artist Ginou Choueiri, google her for more potato art.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

For Colored Girls trailer

The trailer for the movie adaptation of For Colored Girls is out and I have to say I'm intrigued. I've posted previously about my love for the choreo poem and cynicism over Tyler Perry's involvement in this project. The trailer looks good, he's cast really talented actresses and I love the use of Nina Simone's amazing song Four Women.Even more curious to see it now.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Couple Stalking!

Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall

Yes I know Humphrey Bogart is dead but he and Lauren Bacall are one of my favourite screen/real life couples ever. I love the movies they did together and the chemistry between them.They produced magic. Bogart is a cultural icon, celebrated for his charismatic portrayals of the jaded but often noble protagonist. They met while making To Have and Have not in 1944. Lauren Bacall was only nineteen and he was fourty five. No wonder he fell for her. She was and still is superb. Beautiful,Sultry,unbelievably sexy and ballsy. Incredibly assured in her first performance with him and all with that trademark knowing glint in her eyes. Mesmeric to watch.The movie has the famous scene where she says "...You know how to whistle don't you? You just put your lips together and blow." No sex yet sexy as hell. Classic.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Hot Asian Men

There's a myth out there that asian men aren't attractive. This is a lie. I've definitely seen some handsome asian men and they are just as virile as the next guy.White men aren't exactly lacking representation and of course there is the problematic hypermasculinity of black men in the media.Asian men are nowhere to be seen in mainstream films and when they are, Hollywood doesn't help by deliberately casting them as asexual and unattractive.Takishi Kaneshiro and Daniel Henney are two of my favourite tasty asian male celebrities but I've blogged about them before. Below are some others.And there are plenty more out there.

Korean actor Yoo Gun. Wow, absolutely gorgeous.

Director of Sin Nombre Cary Joji Fukunaga. Looking quirkily geeky and broodingly intense. Hell yeah me likey a lot.

Jason Momoa, Lisa Bonet's other half. That's a beautiful man right thurrr.

Pretty boy Joe Odagiri. I seriously want to lick his face. There, I've said it out loud.

Actor Ji Tae Yu. His character is really twisted in Old Boy but what a delicious morsel of man.

Mykal Bean. Dancer and model. He played both Monica and Cassie's love interest in their videos. I don't blame them.Sexy man.

Justin Nazuka. Singer and brother of George Nazuka. Yup hotness runs in the family.

Karl Yune, brother of Rick Yune. Also known as yum and yummy.

Musician George Nozuka. Hot, I definitely would.

Porn star Kenny Styles looking good.

Cute skateboarder Daewon Song

Hello Duckie

I recently programmed some acts for Duckie. Duckie produce post gay culture events and are purveyors of progressive working class entertainment. They fuse interactive performance shows in a nighclub setting, blurring the bounderies between pop and art. Last night a friend and I finally made it down there for one of their infamous nights. The Royal Vauxhall Tavern is a good venue for it with it's cabaret style stage and compact space. I had a fantastic time and danced the night away. Gay men sure know how to party, they taught a straight chick like moi a thing or two.If you're in London and are open minded,fancy an alternative event do Duckie. You'll have a blast. For more about Duckie check out their website:

Saturday, 11 September 2010

The Secret Life Of...

Everybody has a secret life.No matter how dull or mundane you think it is, somebody out there will be interested. Maybe you've always wanted to be a burlesque dancer and you're taking classes but haven't told anyone. Maybe you used to be part of a circus and miss the nomadic lifestyle. Maybe you do a couple of lines of coke before going in to work to get you through the day,otherwise you might shoot yourself.
When newspapers write about the secret lives of famous people they usually cover the ones you'd expect. Below are some people whose secret lives I'd like to know more about.

Josephine Baker, exotic dancer, entertainer and spy. Disheartened by the state of America and the discrimination she faced there, Baker moved to France. In Paris she became a star and was adored.During world war two she collected intelligence for the french underground.She adopted twelve children from all corners of the world, long before you heard the name Angelina Jolie.

Bessie Coleman was the first black female pilot. Born in 1892 in Atlanta, Bessie decided she wanted to fly planes. Though no flight schools in America would admit a black woman. Undeterred, Bessie discovered she would fare better in Europe and studied french at a language school in Chicago. At the end of world war one Bessie moved to France. There she attended the world renowned flight school Ecole d'Aviation des Freres Caudron in a town called le Crotoy, northern France.Can you imagine the barriers she faced? Such character,guts and strength is admirable. She was an inspiration and still is. Somebody make a movie about this woman's life.

Writer Zora Neale Hurston was a talented author who never received the accolades she deserved.She was also politically active. I love this picture of her taken at a book fair, she looks so beautiful and elegant. It makes me wonder which other writers were there. Who did she go with? Most importantly who was she wearing? Etcetera etcetera etcetera!

James Baldwin. Novelist and civil rights activist. Baldwin was gay and a lot of his work explored the themes of identity and homosexuality in the 60's.

Akira Kurosawa. Legendary director of Seven Samurai and many other great movies.I'd love to know more about Kurosawa's struggles for artistic freedom, and how he managed to stay sane or not. A familiar battle for the artistically gifted.

Actor Paul Robeson was also a political activist who fought for equal rights for African Americans. His mother was involved in the underground railroad. I bet he had some stories to tell.

Singer Sam Cooke. The incredibly handsome man with the sweet soul voice is often credited for pioneering that genre of music. His track A Change Is Gonna Come was adopted by the civil rights movement. Bring It On Home To Me is one of my favourite songs ever. Every time I listen to it, it feels both familiar and new.It makes me long for something I cannot yet name. Cooke was tragically shot to death in an altercation with the manageress of a motel.He died way before his time.

The first woman to travel into space. Valentina Vladimirovna Nikolayava. Born in Russia in 1937 Valentina enjoyed parachuting and trained as an airline pilot. Her Vostok 6 mission orbited the earth in 1963. What a woman, fearless and intriguing.
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