Tuesday, 31 May 2011

XY Chromosome Sundae:Ibrahim Baiith

Not only is model and actor Ibrahim Baiith absolutely stunning, he is a work of art, wow wow wow. He's perfection, mind blowing in that suit (wiping small pond of drool). But he's also an insanely talented artist and New York city has been aware of his art for a long time. He's creative, politically and socially aware and also very charitable. My God, that's my kind of dream man. He's also the co founder of Artists Republic. To find out more about this exquisite creature, click on the links below.

Black Mambo Girl

Art On The Brain

Good Deed of The Week: Baking Treats

There's something about someone baking treats for you that just has the feel good factor. Whether it's cakes, brownies, muffins , the fact that it's been made in someone's kitchen gives you that warm, lovely feeling. So if you know someone or people who deserve something good and you like cooking, I think this is a sweet way of showing some appreciation.

Monday, 30 May 2011

Lupe Fiasco

Lupe in technicolor.

Tripple Lupe! Great.

Characters coming to life.

Hanging out with the dude Pharrell Williams.

Bespectacled wonder.

Easy riding through the city.

Lupe looking sharp!

I have a huge crush on rapper Lupe Fiasco (what a badass name). I remember when he first arrived on the scene with Kick Push and how much I loved that track. I just thought it was so freaking cool to see this eclectic black guy rapping about skateboarding. He reminded me a lot of Pharrell in that sense but also in terms of his style. I like his lyrics and he's very cute but not in the typical sense. He has an alternative vibe that I find really attractive. Also, Lupe is very intelligent and outspoken, check out some of his views on the American political system and why he didn't vote for Barack Obama even though he likes the idea of a black president. He's not afraid to say what he really thinks. This track The Show Goes On came out last year and it's infectious. Enjoy the video. Also is it me or is Lupe a little pigeon toed? Too cute.

R.I.P Gil Scott Heron

Sad sad news, seminal poet and musician Gill Scott Heron is dead. A friend confirmed he died Friday afternoon after falling sick following a European trip. He was 62. Heron was a pioneer and renowned for the political tone of his music and poetry, particularly for "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised." The mega talented man was a huge influence on rappers such as Common, Mos Def, A Tribe Called Quest, Talib Kweli, Kanye West and anybody who likes great music and poetry. He was a Godfather really and a very beautiful looking man in his prime. He was also fairly open about his troubled life. I'm a huge fan, last year I went to the WOMAD music festival where he was a headliner, but I had to catch my train back to London and ended up having to miss his set which really pissed me off at the time. This makes it all the more upsetting because I remember thinking I'll have to catch him the next time he's in London. Rip Gill, we'll never forget your massive influence.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Popular Posts

So I've been looking at the stats for this blog and it make for interesting reading in terms of what's popular. My most popular post is Pharell Williams from the XY Chromosome Sundae section. Pharrell is awesome so coolio with moi. Infact, Pharrell has more views than anybody else for now, he is way out in front by a stupendously gigantic margin in that section followed by Dijimon Hounsou, Samoan New Zealand rugby player Sony Bill Williams and Ryan Gosling. My black beauty and hot asian men posts also have loads of views which is great to see. Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger come in second after Pharrell overall. This isn't a shock as they're a great couple and people seem to agree with my sentiments and love them.

My posts on Joseph Gordon Levitt (Love him), my trip to Cape Verde (Eu amo Cabo Verde) and my style spotlight on Zoe Kravitz also scored highly. Like her parents Zoe is a cool cool chick with fantastic style and as her profile increases, she's only going to get more popular methinks.Hopefully she won't loose that quirky vibe I really like about her. Posts creeping up increasingly are: Couples you didn't know were couples, Psychology today's racist article, Once were warriors, Harry Shum Jnr and Diego Luna. That's the simple breakdown, interesting indeed stats wise and pleasantly surprising in some ways. :-)

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Stupid Baby Names

Wait till you can walk kid, then get the hell away. The name's just the tip of the iceberg!

The world is rife with a crime that largely remains unpunished. Yes, I'm talking about parents saddling their children with hiddeous names. Monstrosities that could emotionally scar these innocent, trusting children. Often celebrities are guilty of this. Here are some beauties.

Apple (just. dumb.)
America (patriotism going a little too far.)
Nemesis (You are setting this child up to fail.)
Shi-thead (legally change this unless you want to remain the butt of jokes FOR-EVER)
Fifi Trixibelle (this is a kid asking to be slapped on sight, particularly as an infant. Unfair.)
Adolf Hitler (Child. Abuse. Mind bogglingly stupid name to dump on a baby.)
Messiah (another kid asking for a playground smackdown through no fault of their own.)
Zuma Nesta Rock (Gwen Steffani I dig that you like to creative and you're a cool chick but this name for your kid is beyond idiotic. Nice tribute to Bob Marley by giving your child his middle name but with Zuma and Rock? ROTFL.)
Nimrod (Divorce your parents as soon as it's legally possible. They hate you.)
Vagina ( Irresponsible! Clearly these parents are either permanently high or evil. Doesn't bode well.)

Skewed Sports Club: Cheese Chasing etcetera

There are some ingenius, strange sports outside the usual parameters of sporting activity. Some are dangerous, downright idiotic and utterly pointlessly ridiculous. I can only attribute these inventions to boredom with possible drug and alcohol consumption involved. Don't think about pooh poohing them, these sports have genuine fans and lots of participants.

Cheese Rolling. This isn't a gold rush or some other event of epic proportions. These clowns are chasing the cheese. Some double Gloucester cheese is rolled from the top of a hill and competitors chase after it. The first person to cross the finish line wins the cheese. Although this is rare, as the cheese usually gets a one second head start and rolls very quickly. In 97 the cheese went the wrong way and injured a spectator.

Ferrett legging or shoving a ferrett down your pants. This originated in Yorkshire, England. The idea is for the ferret legger to keep two angry ferrets down his pants for as long as he can. When he can't take it anymore, he pulls his trousers down to release the ferrets and the remnants of his gnawed genitals. Utterly stupid and recommended for boyfriends annoying the hell out of you. The world record is held by Yorkshire man Reg Mellor, he kept two ferrets down his trousers for five hours and twenty six minutes in 1981. My guess is, his ferrets weren't angry enough.

Cardboard tube duelling. What? Are you saying I look idiotic? I challenge you to a duel in broad daylight. Hey! It's good, harmless fun and at least we can show off some fancy costumes for people to admire when they're not laughing.

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