Thursday, 5 May 2011

Watch List: Colombiana / Retreat

Colombiana. Directed by Luc Besson it stars Zoe Saldana as a female assassin. Besson is a top draw, this is good for Zoe's career. It also features Michael Vartan as Zoe's love interest. Is it me or is Michael Vartan becoming the go to white guy for black female love interests in tv and film? First Nia Long's boyfriend in Big Shots, currently Jada's passionate boo in Hawthorne and now Zoe. Interesting, I'm not complaining, he's very cute.

Retreat. Produced by Thandie Newton it stars Newton and Cillian Murphy as a couple who head to a remote island cottage to restore their broken marriage. Injured stranger Jamie Bell arrives at their doorstep with news of a deadly virus. They lock themselves in and of course, tensions occur.

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