Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Font Brodagio

The magnificent Nigerian afrobeat legend Fela Kuti. Political, rebellious and fearless.

The very handsome political powerhouse, activist and enigmatic leader Malcolm X. Denzel Washington's depiction of him is superb.

Just love Barack Obama, he handles the ridiculous racism he faces from certain parties in the states with class and dignity. He makes those idiotic racists who just cannot bear seeing a black man in such a position of authority look moronic. Totally ko'd Donald Trump and chose the perfect setting to do it.

Lenny Kravitz is awesome. Papa Kravitz is gorgeous and has it going on. Lisa Bonet has amazing taste in men.

What a stunning man Michael Ealy is. Just damn, yum. He has incredible blue eyes. It's a shame things didn't work out between him and his ex Halle Berry. I thought they made a lovely couple.

The one and only Tupac Shakur, street prophet, scribe, actor, mega talent and teenage crush of mine. Gone but never forgotten. RIP. Probably still a hell raiser in the world beyond.

Drop dead gorgeous Terrence Howard. Yes, Mr baby wipes himself. He hypnotised me the first time I saw him in The Best Man, completely stole the show. He's just incredibly sexy and charismatic. Check out his badassness in Hustle and Flow.

Basketball player Allen Iverson. Hot as Hell. Obviously when watching Allen play ball I was checking out his skills but I gotta tell ya, I was checking out other things too. Delicious man.

I will forever adore Talib Kweli for his amazing version of the song Four Women, moves me to tears. He's a fantastic artist with conscious, intelligent lyrics which is why you'll never hear his records on commercial radio.

Goddamn Shyne is one sexy Mutherf*****. Wow, Diddy screwed him over big time. Love his tracks Bonnie and Shyne and Bad Boyz.

The ego has landed and I love him for it. Kanye is just hilarious and not pretending to be anything other than himself. I dig that about him. He brought a humerous, fresh perspective to the hip hop scene. And he's a clever guy, he knows being accessible is the game to play and he's done it in a unique, interesting way.

Mr vava voom himself. Thierry Henry is a honey, simply glorious.

Harry Belafonte, wow. Unbelievably good looking man. That's what you call movie star looks.

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