Tuesday, 17 May 2011

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Mohamed Ali is a proto type in my opinion. Exquisite looking man at the height of his career and one of the most charismatic figures ever. As well as his phenomenal skill as a boxer he basically mind fucked his opponents before they even got in the ring. I love that he refused to fight in Vietnam, he said it wasn't his war and the vietnamese people never did anything to him. A boxer with a brain, he saw through the bullshit. Love him!

Once I saw footage of Jimmi playing the guitar with his tongue. Incredible talent, taken away from the world too soon. One of my favourite artists ever.

Bob Marley. My God wasn't he one of the most beautiful looking men you've ever seen? Just so effortlessly, naturally stunning. Not to mention his effervescent personality, amazing music and talent. Rest in peace.

I was obsessed with Denzel Washington as a teenager and I still am. He was perfect in my eyes. Just so gorgeous and charismatic. I wanted to marry him. He will always be my number 1 dream husband. He is an awesomely talented actor.

The Most Most Mos Def. How cool is this dude? I love him and I love his music and films, he is beyond cool. Another one on the dream husbands list.

Rapper Nas. Another sublime hottie and mega talent. He's a great artist. Forget Jay Z and Beyonce. He and ex wife Kelis were by far the cooler couple.

Common. Wow, so so handsome. The object of my fantasies many many times. Certified panty dropper but I love that he respects women and isn't afraid to show his sensitive side. He's just beautiful. He's a superb artist and racist Fox News can go to hell. I loved him and Serena Williams as a couple. They were so sweet together,I was obessed with them. Kudos to Serena, she got to hold Common at night! He also previously dated godess Erykah Badu. He has phenomenal taste in women. You can tell he cares about substance. I adore him.

The ever cool and ecclectic Pharrell Williams. Looking like the gorgeous dapper don that he is. I just love the way he rolls. Great style and such a creative, entrepreneural spirit. He doesn't believe in limiting himself and that's a great strength.

Outkast's Andre 3000 is the man! Awesomely quirky dude. He's on his own planet and so creative. He has a son with Erykah Badu. No pressure kid.

Kymani Marley. Bob Marley's son and a musician and actor. He is soo yummy. My God. These Marley men just have "it".

Idris Elba, the thinking man's bad boy from The Wire and absolutely delectable. Hot chocolate, damn. I'll pay to see Idris in anything. Well... Except Obsessed. Can't get enough of him. Sexy sexy mofo!

The legend that is Sidney Poitier. "They call me Mr Tibbs." Hell yeah Sidney you tell em.

Black Thought from The Roots, amazing hip hop band. Every negative thing you think hip hop represents The Roots will blow out of the water. There are indie and rock musicians that listen to The Roots. Their fan base is really ecclictic, proper music heads love them, I mean real musicians who know their shit.They are one of the most creative,versatile and experimental hip hop groups ever. Black Thought is an astoundingly intelligent lyricist. He's brilliant.

Derek Luke. I remember seeing tasty Derek in Antwoine Fisher with Denzel Washington and Joy Bryant and he was just excellent. It was a career defining performance. I should fish it out from my collection and watch it again. Haven't seen it for years. Derek is one yummy hunk of a man.

Footballer Sammuel Eto, such a cutie pie and gorgeous smle.

Wu Tang Clan's Rza. I love what Rza's done with his career, he wears several hats and is a very creative guy.He's directing the movie Man With The Iron Fist starring Russell Crowe. I could tell the media couldn't quite believe Rza had Russell Crowe starring in his movie, they almost seemed to imply Rza was making it up. Why wouldn't Rza have Russell starring in his movie? Russell Crowe is a mere mortal like everyone else, albeit a very talented one. Yeah you wouldn't automatically put the two of them together but that's what I love about it. Rza is a top dude.


  1. Kymani Marley, and def Sam E'to for the win.

  2. Kymani Marley is amazing in every sense,have a major major thing for him. Yeah, Mr Eto is very nice indeed.


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