Monday, 25 April 2011

Style Spotlight: Solange Knowles

It must be very tricky for Solange Knowles, constantly being compared to her big sister Beyonce in the music stakes. I love Solange, I think she's bolder and seems more true to herself. Like when she shaved her head, certain idiots went nuts over it and she said she just wanted to feel free for a bit. I liked her even more for that. She's much much cooler and quirkier than Beyonce. I love her style.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Capsule Y


Nicki Minaj is a kaleidoscope.

Hell yeah. Chicks with swagger. Love their style and attitude.

Funky, ecclectic chickita.

Pseudonym beauty muse.

Technicolor honey dip.

Toffee candy chick. Glorious, love her look and style. Gaaaawjus!

Elegance eclipsing light. Who said too much chocolate is bad for you?

And the word was goddess.

Adaoeze says don't adjust your screens.

Vampy hottie.

Wow, the darker the berry the sweeter the juice.

Tomiko Fraser. Black bambi alert! Phenomenal looking woman.

Exquisite. Beauty to be etched on walls and canvasses.

African Hibiscus.

Yeeeah bwoy. Great style.

Shingai Shoniwa. Stunning.

Baaaad mamajama.

Shades of Kelis. Funk soul yummy mummy that she is.

Sultry Jill Marie Jones says "What, you looking at me?"

Isabel Corriea, always a vision.

Grace is the place.

Blinding beauty.

Unreal! Sculpted to life.

Dreadlock beauty.

Cool chick, yeah my hands can talk.

Ciara, damn girl. She can do unbelivable moves with that body.

Briana Michelle gets your attention.

Au natural caramel delight. Wow.

I have profile envy.

Artist spin.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Favourite TV Couples

A Different World. Kadeem Harrison and Jasmine Guy. They played Dwayne and Whitley in the series. I just loved these two as a couple. I liked that he was a geeky, mathematics whiz kid and she was the beautiful, southern belle. Their escapades are very funny,such a great show!
They also dated in real life, life imitating art.

Friday Night Lights. If you haven't seen this show you've seriously been missing out. Who knew a programme about a small town obsessed with football would be so good? The series is now over but it's one of the most moving, engrossing shows I've seen, ever. I love this show. It was a sleeper hit for a long time. I think the marriage depicted between coach Eric Taylor and his wife Tammy is brilliant and realistic. I love the way they argue and make up. It is hilarious, touching and authentic. Kyle Chandler should have won an award.

Friday Night Lights. Love birds Matt Saracen and Julie Taylor are another adorable couple. Their path to love is never easy or smooth, again,I love what the writers did with their story. Zach Gilford is one beautiful man. He was great in this, one of the best characters.

Hanging With Mr Cooper.Mark Curry and Holly Robinson Pete are too cute together. Funny show and I really enjoyed the dynamic between them. The show was a grower, and then I became addicted to it.

Northern Exposure. Ahhh, how great was this show! Such an unusual, eccentric programme. I really liked the characters in this. I thought the relationship between Maggie O'Connell and Joel Fleischman was sexy and tumultuous. Loved the chemistry between them, also so cool that Maggie was a pilot. I think Janine Turner is one of the prettiest women I've ever seen on tv. She was kinda tomboyish in this but still ridiculously hot.

Moonlighting. Speaking of superb chemistry, Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepherd were so brilliant together. Another addiction. Will they? Won't they? Kept me hooked.

Everybody Hates Chris. Based on the life of comedian Chris Rock. Hilarious show, loved this. Tichina Arnold and Terry Crewes are great as a hard working couple trying to maintain a stable household for their children.

OZ. I think OZ is probably the best tv show I've ever seen. People rave about The Wire but in my humble opinion OZ is better. I got through the whole boxset in a week, that's how superb this prison drama is. Also, I was obsessed with Kirk Acevedo as Miguel Alvarez, he's incredible in OZ and so unbelievably sexy and fucked up. But I digress, more about Kirk Acevado in a seperate post.The relationship between devious prisoner Ryan O' Reilley and Dr Gloria Nathan(see above pic) is sexy and complex. The irish charmer becomes infatuated with his black latina Dr and will literally do whatever it takes to headfuck her and have her. Dark, twisted and engrossing.

The Wonder Years. So many memories about this show, it makes me think of my childhood. The trials and tribulations of Kevin and Winnie kept me tuning in and it was just really well written and funny. Incidentally, Fred Savage is the brother of Ben Savage of Boy Meets World fame.

Greys Anatomy. Sigh. Greys used to be fantastic. Fabulous tv couple, Christina Yang and Preston Burke were so different but the sparks between them was a joy to watch. He was the arrogant surgeon and she the intelligent, cynical student resistant to falling in love.

Sons Of Anarchy. Forget Mad Men, this is the show people should be watching and soon, everybody will be talking about it. Hands down the best thing on tv right now. Absolutely unapologetic and fearless. It's fantastic. What a sexy couple Jax and Tara make and you're completely rooting for them despite the obvious pitfalls. My goodness, Charlie Hunnam has come a long way. The British, Newcastle born actor totally kicks ass in this role, he has unbelievable swagger. Hot as hell.

Flash Forward. What a gorgeous pairing John Cho and Gabrielle Union made. Loved watching them, they looked so good together. I only really watched the show for John Cho, he totally kicked ass in this and should have been the main character. If you haven't guessed already, I love John Cho.

The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. The show that catapulted Will Smith to success and one of the funniest shows ever. I watch it and just feel good, it never gets old or less funny. The gorgeous Nia Long was Will's girlfriend in this and they were just great together.

Boy Meets World. Great show. Sean and Angela were an awesome couple. I think this was the first time I saw an interracial pairing on tv and it felt completely natural. It was so well done you rarely thought about the fact that they were from different races. You just thought about their characters and they were perfect for each other. I think Trina McGee is soo beautiful. Can you believe she was nearly 30 at the time and playing a teenager? Very youthful looking, great genes.

Sex and The City. Steve and Miranda were hands down my favourite couple in the show. I think he's freaking adorable. You wouldn't put them together yet somehow it makes total sense. He's so optimistic and patient with her, yet he doesn't take any shit from her either. Their first bedroom scene together is brilliant when she said somethig along the lines of "the sex was great, but you don't have to pretend as if this will develop into anything, you can leave now." Classic. I love Miranda, she was my favourite in the gang. Her sarcasm and cynism was just hilarious. I also think she had the most interesting trajectory in the whole show in terms of character development.

Hawthorne. Jada Pinkett Smith (Will's boo and tiny goddess) and Michael Vartan. Sparks fly between these two, love their chemistry. The writers have done this well and it's developed a bit of a following. Oh yeah and Michael Vartan is freaking hot. I wonder how big Willie feels watching his wife in those steamy love scenes. I know I wouldn't find it easy. Will has nothing to worry about, he and Jada are a dream team.

Wonderfalls. Oh what a kooky, hilarious show this was, It's a total travesty that it was cancelled after one season. Yummy Lee Pace and Tracie Thoms were awesome together, have to be one of my favourite tv couples ever. They were so sexy and hilarious. All that sneaking around behind the family's back and the trials that accompany sleeping with your best friend's brother. Tracie Thoms is comedy Gold, this woman should be a superstar!

Boy Meets World. Corey and Topenga, the other awesome couple. I love the Savage brothers, I think they're very talented. Weren't Corey and Topenga like adults? They were so cute and hilarious though.

Big Shots. Michael Vartan makes the list twice, this time as Nia Long's boss and boyfriend in Big Shots. James and Katie were brilliant. "Why do you smell like sexy chocolate?" Another show that got cancelled without being given a chance to build it's audience. Such a shame.

Already, I know there are couples I've forgotten to add, so there will be a part deux at some point. Feel free to comment and recommend other couples for part 2 :-)

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