Friday, 1 April 2011

Insomniac's Night Time Activity List

Having insomnia sucks. It's a horrible kind of frustration, but I say sometimes you can embrace it. In that sleep deprived state you can attempt things that doing during those night time snoozing hours gives a certain edge.

  • Chinese lantern flying. Light up the sky with a mini lantern festival of your own, and if you can, drag one or two people along who can be bothered to stay awake for the beautiful spectacle.

  • Freewrite. Don't even think about style or structure, just unload. Brain dump and see what the page reveals to you.

  • Night Swim. If you live near a lake or Pond then take adavantage of it you lucky devil! I think night swimming with people who are special to you is as lovely as I'd imagine it to be.

  • Bike Ride. A city at night has a different aesthetic, ride through some of it and create your own unique routes.

  • Salvador Dali style sketch napping. Sit in a comfortable chair with a spoon between your fingertips. Place a big bowl under your hand. Ensure you hold the spoon in a way that when you loose consciousness you drop it. The noise should wake you, you should wake up just as you enter the dream bit of sleep. Paint or sketch whatever you saw in sleep.

  • Bake bread. There are some fantastic bread making recipes, try one and make your own bread. For God's sake don't fall asleep and let it burn!

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