Saturday, 9 April 2011

Black Beauty International 1

I've noticed the media only pushes a particular type of black beauty and namely a couple of celebrities: Halle Berry, Beyonce, Rhianna and Alicia Keys. All light skinned. What a coincidence! And if there are any up and coming allowed superstardom status they will all be a variation on that theme. No doubt, those women are beautiful but it is boring and irritating for them to be the only representation because they're the mainstream's ideal of what is acceptable black beauty. Talk to some non black people and get to a point in the conversation about good looking black women and they will reel off the above names while you struggle not to yawn and roll your eyes at the predictability, lack of imagination and stop yourself from saying "God, you're completely clueless and it's really not your fault." Below is a broad display of other beautiful black women that exist on the planet.

Gelila Bekele. Ethiopia. She is mind blowingly beautiful. What? There are women like this from Africa? Yup, loads of them. She is so so pretty you just wonder what the rest of her family looks like. I'm certain Tyler Perry's gay but he was dating Gelila for a while.

Supermodel Hawa Diawara. Mali. She has amazing almond shaped eyes and I love her skin tone. She reminds me a little of Naomi in that first shot.

Samara Sales. Brazil. The regal stunner looking alluring.

Kiara Kabukuru. Uganda. She looks like a queen. Stunning creature.

More of Gelila Bekele. Ethiopia. Oh she's so stunning I just wanted to feature her twice! Then the inevitable question that gets asked whenever there's a good looking black woman: Is she mixed with anything? You know part white?(this is usually asked by some white people who when they encounter images of fantastic looking black women cannot quite believe it.) Nope. She's black and I love everything about her look, except maybe Tyler Perry as an accessory.

Oluchi Nweagba. Nigeria. Oh Oluchi, you chocolate skinned African Goddess you're killing me in that first pic.

Lesliana Pereira. Angola. She is a vision, wow. You don't need those extra melons girl.

Tolula Adeyemi. Nigeria. I adore everything about this picture. She's a funky, alternative chick. The model, actress and style chameleon is very good friends with Noisettes Shingai Shoniwa. Unsurprising, they both rock. Tolula also dated Jude Law at one stage. The british press kept that one quiet.Funny that.

Shakara Ledard. Bahamas. You divine beauty. Were you spawned by the caribbean sea?

Emanuela de Paula. Brazil. She's been everywhere lately, Next, Marks & Spencers and countless other adverts looking unreal and being the chocolat delight that she is.


  1. Lol about Tyler Perry. I've heard the suspicions, but there was never anything about him that made me think he was gay.

    Gelila is beautiful, though. Well, they're all good looking, but Gelila and Kiara stand out for me.

    I know she's not international to you b/c you're from the same place, but I really really find Shoniwa Shingai fascinating. I like her style and love her hair.

  2. Haha, all I can say is watch the Boondocks episode about Tyler Perry, it confirmed all my suspicions and I laughed my ass off. I think it's even more difficult for famous black men who are gay to come out. I wish Tyler had the courage to do so but I seriously doubt that will happen any time soon...

    Shingai Shoniwa is amazing, I've done two posts on her already but been meaning to do another at some point.She has fantastic style and is just stunning. Great voice and her band is pretty cool too.

  3. Lol ok. I'll check out the Boondocks ep.


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