Saturday, 9 April 2011

Style Spotlight:January Killing It In April

Mad Men star January Jones reminds me of those old time starlets circa 1950's Grace Kelly. Only she strikes me as a little more vivid with a bit of spunk and gumption despite her ice cool beauty. I love the hat and red shoes combo she rocked in the above pic. She's a stone cold fox and there's an interesting quality to her face I can't quite put my finger on yet. She recently said about her high school bullies "Those bitches hated me because I was pretty." The more this chick opens her mouth, the more I like her. First her brilliant comments about ex Ashton Kutcher and now this latest gem. I'll admit, her character Betty Draper on Mad Men isn't the nicest human being but it doesn't warrant the dislike thrown her way. I can't wait to hear the next thing she says! She's not editing herself and giving the typical celeb spiel.

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