Friday, 15 April 2011

Great Films To Watch High

If you havent read the book by Hunter S Thompson do, it's brilliant. The film starring Johnny Depp and Benico Del Torro is hilarious. Be prepared for distorted images galore! Men that look like dinasours and the skewed view from drug fuelled minds. Cult director Takashi Miike is weird, dark and depraved. I freaking love him for that! Never seen blood spurt from so many strange angles. Watch inebriated so you can slur at the screen "oh my God did that just fucking happen?" Yup it did. Awesome.
I love animation films.This is superb high or not. A little girl wanders into a world ruled by Gods, monsters and witches. Magical, powerful film. Hayao Miyazaki is a genius.

If you haven't discovered Bollywood films yet then maaan you don't know what you're missing. They're joyous and colorful. Watch high and you'll think you're in the movie!

Controversial director Gaspar Noe's Enter The Void is about two siblings in Tokyo. It's tripy, jarring and provocative. The drop into the neon shrouded world will make you feel, one way or another.

Ever wanted to be in someone else's head? Spike Jonze's fantastically strange offering shows you just what that's like. Watch for an unrecognisable Cameron Diaz. Seriously,you'll think it's because you're high you're making her look ugly.

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