Monday, 21 February 2011

N.E.R.D Nothing

Waiting to get my hands on the new album from the brilliant duo that is Pharell Williams and Chad Hugo. Pharell looks amazing on the album cover.

Watch List

Blacktino a film by Aaron Burns about an overweight half black half latino nerd is a dark comedy.I can't wait to catch it.

Looking forward to seeing Mooz Lum, a film by Q about the challenges black muslims face in America. It stars Evan Ross (son of Diana Ross no less)and the beautiful Nia Long as his mother. I think Evan will be an actor to watch out for, I like the roles he's picking and he's a talent. Hat tip to Reel Artsy.

Korean film I Saw The Devil looks great. It's about a secret agent on the hunt for a serial killer who murdered his wife and stars Byung-hun Lee. Hat tip to Shadow & Act.

Couple Stalking: Djimon Hounsou and Kimora Lee Simmons

At first when I heard Divine Djimon was dating Kimora Lee Simmons my response was what? Noooooooooo.Say it isn't so! Russell Simmons's ex? No doubt, Kimora is gorgeous. But this was not who I envisioned for him. She always struck me as shallow and superficial. I was like Djimon, why have you forsaken me? Did I not watch your movies loyally? Hope for the best for you career wise? Wipe a tear at the perfection that is you in those Calvin Klein ads? And Kimora...But all is forgiven.I've actually warmed to them as a couple now, they look incredible together and seem really happy. Genuinely happy and they now have a little bambino, just adorable. No wonder Kimora walks around looking like she's won the jackpot.Loaded and she gets to be held by Djimon each night. If only there was an eliminate annoying spouse button to hit, Just kidding Kimora.

XY Chromosome Sundae: Djimon Hounsou

Actor Dijimon Hounsou looks like a warrior king. He's spectacular. He always gets supporting roles even though he has the looks and talent for meaty, leading man roles. Sigh. Will Hollywood ever change? And I hated the movie Blood Diamond for depressing reasons I can't be bothered to delve into, even though I love both Dijimon and Leonardo as actors. He has an interesting background and was homeless in Paris before becoming a model. I remember seeing him in an En Vogue video and thinking who is that? He is unreal,he looks like a sculpture in those Calvin Klein ads. He's a long way from the streets of Paris now.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Pic Of The Week

To dream in pink...

Marisol The Brave

This is 20 year old Marisol Valles Garcia, a criminology student and mother. She's become the newest chief of police in a Mexican town battling drug cartels. Her courage is garnering her global media attention and she's a beauty too. Surely a Hollywood film beckons? That's what I call cojonas. She's an inspiration and so so brave. I hope they do everything to protect her and her family.

Weird Et Al Humdinger: Annual Clown Gathering

On the first Sunday of February each year, clowns, jesters, pierrots and harlequins gather in dalston east London for their church service. They celebrate the life of Joseph Grimaldi the Godfather of modern clowndom who died in 1837. They also mourn other clowns who may have passed in the year. Brilliant.

Esperanza Esperanza!

Whoop whoop!Esperanza wins a grammy. Yes the delicious creature with the mythical name that promises magic,strange occurrences and grammy awards has pulled the well worn,predictable rug out from under the American music scene. I love it when things like this happen at awards ceremonies. She's walked away with the best new artist gong. I have to say I love love love Florence and The Machine and Mumford & Sons albums. I have both and they're brilliant but I'm pleased for Esperanza as she doesn't have the profile the others do. People keep asking who is she? For those that don't know, Esperanza Spalding is a very talented bassist, composer and jazz vocalist. She's got great style too, like the retro, bohemian look she's rocking here. World wide music community you don't know who she is? You do now. Go Esperanza!

Couple Stalking: Barack and Michelle Obama

Gawd how much do I love this couple? Too much. I think they're fantastic role models for anyone and look stunning together. Barack is one handsome,interesting, savvy man and I adore Michelle. She can do no wrong in my eyes, she's the full package as far as I'm concerned. Depth and good looks. Her statuesque physique is gorgeous and her style... It's like a breath of fresh air on the political scene;bold colours, prints,bare arms!I like that she stuck the middle finger to entitled, snobbish mainstream designers who thought she'd be crawling at their feet after ignoring black women for decades. She's fearless and brave enough to be herself. Yes, my girl crush on her knows no bounds.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Watch List: Zoe Kravitz Yelling To The Sky

So clips for Zoe Kravitz's new film Yelling To The Sky have surfaced and I can't wait to see it.Directed by Victoria Mahoney,Kravitz plays seventeen year old Sweetness O Hara who tries to survive whilst her family falls apart.It also stars Gabbourey Sidibe, Shareeka Epps of Half Nelson Fame and the strikingly beautiful Sonequa Martin.

Ballet Black

Ballet Black is a professional ballet company for international dancers of black and asian descent. They're based in London and I really want to catch one of their shows.Their new show Orpheus is touring the UK from February the 20th,if you live in the UK check their website for details.

Treat Of The Week: Bat For Lashes What's a Girl To Do

Bat For Lashes are a great alternative UK rock band fronted by Natasha Khan. She is fantastic, unusual and darkly creative. The part Pakistani, part English chanteuse has also dabbled in documentaries.Their stuff is somewhere between dreams and nightmares. Check out the funny,spooky video with bunnies riding bikes for What's a Girl To Do here and watch the vid for Daniel on Youtube.

XY Chromosome Sunade: Will Yun Lee

Meet the stunning Will Yun Lee. The Korean American actor has many tv and film credits to his name including Torque, Elektra(unfortunately)and Bionic woman. He was once voted one of People's 50 most beuatiful people unsurprisingly. Honestly,what is is it about Korean men? There are some seriously gorgeous ones out there, too bad the mainstream hasn't cottoned on.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Chocolat Baisers

Record black beauty. What do I love about this pic? EVERYTHING.

Stunning, seriously cool chica with an understated quirky style.

Gorgeous, ecclectic muse

Kooky beauty

Carnival Honey Trinidad and Tobago

Model Arlenis Sosa wearing the hell out of a red dress

Just wow

Vintage beauties

Janelle Monae stylish in white

Turning heads fresh faced model Laura Harrier

The Minaj has landed and so has that ass, fall back

Fuck Yeah earth Godess Lisa Bonet

Dessert Queen

Fly Ladies


I love the designs of Junkprints founder Chanel Kennebrew. Chanel is a seriously cool chick,intelligent and political. Her lines of clothing, accessories and illustrations are fantastic. I think she's a real inspiration and unafraid to be who she is, she speaks through her art. Check out Junkprints to see her awesome work.

Friday, 4 February 2011

The Far East Movement

I'm enjoting the success of The Far East Movement. I like their song Rocketeer and the blasian couple in the video are too cute. Tried to upload the video but blogger giving me problems so will try later. It's nice to see an asian group doing well.

Watch List: Taika Waititi films

Eagle Vs Shark

I've been meaning to watch Maori director Taika Waititi's films. His first film Eagle Vs Shark about two awkward misfits who find love and enact revenge on their bullies received critical acclaim. His latest offering Boy,set in rural New Zealand is a coming of age story about a boy obsessed with Michael Jackson who puts his absent father up on a pedastal. Only to be served a cold dose of reality when his father arrives back into his life. Also Taika's lush and I am genuinely interested in seeing his films.
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