Friday, 23 July 2010

Who Are We

Award winning Barbadian born British Journalist Gary Younge's new book Who Are We is out. It's an intriguing exploration on the themes of identity and why it should matter in the 21st century.If Obama was raised by his white mother, why is he the first black president? Why do muslims feel more at home in America, which invaded Iraq, than in France, which opposed the invasion? Younge says "We are more alike than we are unalike. But the way we are unalike matters.To be male in Saudi Arabia, Jewish in Israel or white in Europe confers certain powers and privileges that those with other identities do not have. In other words, identity can represent a material fact in itself." Moving between memoir and searing analysis and reporting on everything from South African townships to Irish beauty pageants, Younge shows how many citizens of the modern world-from the American conservative to the islamic fundamentalist, from the established elite to the second generation immigrant - are now retreating into their personal identities as a means of survival in the face of a state seemingly indifferent to their lives.
I met Gary last night and he's a warm, funny,engaging and highly intelligent man. His level of critical thinking makes you see the world through several lenses. The book is an excellent, fascinating read.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

XY Chromosome Sundae:Joseph Gordon Levitt

Actor Joseph Gordon Levitt is one beautiful man. I've been following his career and he's very talented. He's rumpled and funny.Kooky,goofy and can switch from sensitive to humerous to intense roles effortlessly. He has depth,great range and potential. I think he may have some asian in him, he certainly looks it. I saw him in Mysterious Skin some years back and was blown away by such a brilliantly broken, honest, raw performance. I couldn't take my eyes off him, prior to that I'd always seen him as that kid actor from Third Rock From The Sun.Mysterious Skin made me see him differently.He is adorable in indie rom com 500 Days of Summer, you'll fall in love with him. I drool, I drool. Catch him in Inception with the fantastic Leonardo Di Caprio which looks great.

Sunday, 4 July 2010


I love love The Boondocks. I love it so much I named my laptop Huey in an ode to Huey. I've been following the series since the beginning and the wait was agonising for the third series. It's back and as funny as ever. The social commentary is great and the sattire spot on. I think Aaron McGruder pictured above is some kind of genius.

What awesome looks like on an ordinary day

Serena the champ Williams takes her fourth Wimbledon title.Fantastic.

African Lions

So Ghana crashed out of the world cup a few days ago,so so heart wrenchingly close to that final.Urugyuay cheated! It was a goal for Ghana but Soirez hand balled it.I wish the rules allowed that to count as a goal rather giving a penalty.How much cojonas does Asamoah Gyan have? Serious balls,I just wanted to jump through the tv set into the pitch and give him a hug. It took a lot of guts to take that first penalty after he missed the last one and put it away so classily. It is bittersweet but the team can hold their heads up high,Africans at home and in the diaspora are very proud of you.I hope Holland thrashes Uruguay.
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