Sunday, 23 May 2010


Gaspar Noe's brilliant revenge rape film starring Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci is brutal and uncompromising. The film told in reverse chronological order like Memento(only this blows Memento out of the water) is horrifically violent in parts,don't watch it if you don't have a strong stomach. Yet I couldn't take my eyes off some of the most shocking and uncomfortable scenes I've seen. This is an experience you wont forget, it completely destabilizes the viewer and forces you to engage on so many different levels. On a lighter note,the chemistry between real life husband and wife duo Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci is electrifying. I'd forgotten how sexy Cassel is and Bellucci is one gorgeous woman. The film also sticks a middle finger up at the neat, hollywood notions of happy endings.Sometimes there are no explanations for why things happen, sometimes there are no happy endings.Cassel stated "It shows us the animal inside us" which sums it up perfectly, the animal we all want to repress.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Couple Stalking!

It's official, I'm obsessed with Common and Serena Williams. After Flotus and Barack they've become my second favourite couple.He's the handsome,talented,sexy,sensitive conscious hip hop super star and she's the beautiful, amazonian tennis icon.The ultimate competitor and I love her for it! She is unapologetic about who she is. They are so sweet together. I love how in photos of Serena training, Common is there in the background not doing anything useful at all, just loitering about looking conspicuous, too cute! Rumour has it that Common wants to wife up Serena. Please get married and have adorable,talented,deep babies so I can stalk the whole family online.Lol!

Black Beauty Part Six

That face! The body! The attitude,original Foxy Brown Pam Greer is the prototype!
Actress Aissa Maiga,Senegalese French beauty. Absolutely glorious.
The allure of Nigerian actress and godess Genevieve Nnaji is indescribable.
Rock soul singer RES,a vision.
African queen and model Nina Keita. Just wow wow wow!
Awesome Angela Bssett.
Breathtaking Shingai Shoniwa,too cool for words.
Michelle Obama.Inspirational and beautiful,Flotus rocks!!!
Cool and ecclectic, Zap Mama Marie Daulne.
Rest in peace angel, unforgettable Aliyah.
She looks like a black Pocahontas,divine singer Tweet.
Panamanian stunner actress Emayatzy Corinealdi.
Spitfire kick ass beauty. True Blood's Rutina Wesley.

Justified's Erica Tazel's smile is somehing to behold!

Black Beauty Part Cinq

Marpessa Dawn, 60's actress. Astonishing looking! Just ridiculous, had the world been a different place she would have been iconic.
Dear Lauryn Hill, you are so incredibly beautiful and talented. Please release another album and show the imitators how it's done.
Lisa Bonet, ethereal beauty, love her individuality and unique sense of style
Mind blowing Taral Hicks.
Tracey Ellis Ross. Like her mother Diana Ross she has style and presence.
Serena Williams.Thicker than a Snicker! Her body is insane. Plus she's dating Common, gorgeous Common. Go Serena, champion!

Unstoppable,effervescent Queen Latifah.

Black Beauty Part Quatre

Sade Adu. One of the most beautiful women on the planet.She belongs in a fairy tale.
Musician Esperanza Spalding is to die for!
Should human beings be allowed to be this good looking? Amel Larrieux.
Nobody like her,Grace Jones.
Exquisite, spell caster Erykah Badu.
Damn, Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz produced an enviably gorgeous child. Zoe Kravitz.
Unreal! Nigerian Goddess Agbani Daregbo.
Still making it rain. Stunning Naomi Campbell.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Black Beauty Part Trois

Hate on me haters, I have everything.Trailblazer Iman.
Love her and her real woman curves, actress Sanaa Lathan.
Another girl crush, the sublime Nia Long.
Actress Megan yes I am really that gorgeous Good.
Ridiculously gorgeous Stacey Dash.
Girl next door Lark Voorhies.
Get well soon Neome Lenoir!
Dancing outside boxes awesome Santogold.
Spunk and then some Fabulous Taraji P Henson.
Lovely actress Terry Pheto.

Talent and great looks, Caribbean Brit Thesp Naomi Harris.

Black Beauty Part Deux

Venus Williams, poetry in motion on the court,like a gazelle.
Marsha Hunt,singer,novelist,trouble maker. Just wow.
India Arie,beautiful inside and out.
Cant take my eyes off you, model Roshumba Williams.
Edible woman, model Tomiko Fraser,out of this world!
Beauty immortalised on film,Dorothy Dandridge.
African queen Nkhensani Nkosi,Stoned Cherrie founder.
Black princess Anika Noni Rose.
Afro funk Nigerian German singer Nneka.
Stunning Nigerian Brit actress Caroline Chickezie.
Timeless beauty Phylicia Rashad.
J'adore free spirited force of nature Kelis.
Class act Diahnn Caroll.
Former Miss USA stunning Kenya Moore.

The sun has landed. Jill Scott.
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