Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Couple Stalking!

It's official, I'm obsessed with Common and Serena Williams. After Flotus and Barack they've become my second favourite couple.He's the handsome,talented,sexy,sensitive conscious hip hop super star and she's the beautiful, amazonian tennis icon.The ultimate competitor and I love her for it! She is unapologetic about who she is. They are so sweet together. I love how in photos of Serena training, Common is there in the background not doing anything useful at all, just loitering about looking conspicuous, too cute! Rumour has it that Common wants to wife up Serena. Please get married and have adorable,talented,deep babies so I can stalk the whole family online.Lol!


  1. Oh! Big fan of this couple. There are not enough pictures of them together though. I hope they are still an item.

  2. I know! I loved them too but I don't think they're together anymore. Such a shame they broke up, love Serena and Common.He is fine as hell.


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