Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Black Beauty Part Six

That face! The body! The attitude,original Foxy Brown Pam Greer is the prototype!
Actress Aissa Maiga,Senegalese French beauty. Absolutely glorious.
The allure of Nigerian actress and godess Genevieve Nnaji is indescribable.
Rock soul singer RES,a vision.
African queen and model Nina Keita. Just wow wow wow!
Awesome Angela Bssett.
Breathtaking Shingai Shoniwa,too cool for words.
Michelle Obama.Inspirational and beautiful,Flotus rocks!!!
Cool and ecclectic, Zap Mama Marie Daulne.
Rest in peace angel, unforgettable Aliyah.
She looks like a black Pocahontas,divine singer Tweet.
Panamanian stunner actress Emayatzy Corinealdi.
Spitfire kick ass beauty. True Blood's Rutina Wesley.

Justified's Erica Tazel's smile is somehing to behold!

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