Monday, 27 February 2012

Rummager:African Barbie

Liberia's Miss Coco puts a unique twist on black barbies by creating African outfits for them. Those outfits are amazing, being African, I love to see this. Miss Coco sells her black barbies at major events but if anybody knows a store where you can get them or any online retailers, drop me a line. Hat tp to The Nu Black.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Snapped:Omar Sy

Actor Omar Sy has become the first black man to win the the award for best actor at the Cesar awards(France's equivalent of the Oscars) for Intouchables. He'd already won that same award at the Lumiere Awards (France's Golden Globes). He was the first black man to be nominated.Jesus France what took you so long? Big congrats to him. Check out his winner's speech, it's full of personality,exuberance and warmth. He has great energy and I love his dance moves at the end of his speech. I really want to see the film. Hat tip to Shadow and Act.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Slice:Michelle Obama

The Flotus is all kinds of awesome. Good grief, the statuesque beauty is killin it in this outfit. I love everything about her. Certain fractions of the media should stop desperately attempting to portray her as an angry black woman. That shit is transparent as hell. She rocks and there's no debating it in my eyes. Hat tip to The Smithian.

Pic of The Week:Tribe

Ethiopian Erbore tribal makeup by Eric Lafforgue, source Flickr.

Hang Out Happened

Pharrell Williams and Solange Knowles, two gorgeous, stylish bad asses chilling together. Of all my XY chromosome Sundae features, Pharrell has more hits than any other dude I've posted about.

Poster Boy:Grigor Dimitrov

Bulgarian tennis hottie Grigor Dimitrov. Serena Williams's new boyfriend sure is a cutie. Yes, she of superb talent, ridiculous fighting spirit and awesome donk. I loved Serena with gorgeous, beautiful man extraordinaire rapper Common, I was actually a little obsessed with them as a couple and thought they were perfect together. I hoped they'd get back together but it ain't going to happen for now, maybe in the future... In the mean time, Serena's been finding comfort in the arms of this fine dude, she definitely has good taste.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Slice:Jeremy Lin

The Jeremy Lin train continues to run at high speed and I'm loving watching his explosion in the sports world. Check him out on the cover of the asian edition of Time Magazine. Get ready for the haterade Jeremy, more is gonna come but that just means he's doing something right. His is a great story, the guy's got game.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin is a New York Knicks point guard and the first American player of Taiwanese descent to play in the league. He's not only a great basketball player, he's also got brains, he's a Harvard graduate. I've known about Jeremy Lin for a while and wondered what impact he'd have if he blew up. Now it's happened I think it's brilliant. "Linsanity" has swept New York , is sweeping China and I predict will sweep many parts of Asia. He'll introduce a whole new audience to basketball.

I can't believe there are people whining about the attention he's receiving. Of course there's a lot of limelight because he's an asian american guy playing in a predominantly black sport. The same thing happened with Lewis Hamilton in formula 1 racing, Tiger Woods in golf and the Williams sisters in tennis. If you've followed his story, you'll know he's had a tough time because he's an asian guy playing basketball. He deserves the success and spotlight. I think it's great for asian american guys who've been ignored or portrayed stereotypically by the media. In Lin they have a cool, relatable guy whose kicking ass.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

RIP:Whitney Houston

So so devastated by this news, Whitney Houston has died aged only 48. She was a phenomenal singer who had everything, a majestic stunner in her prime that posessed one of the most incredible voices ever. People bandy the word legend about so easily these days but Whitney was a true legend. I don't think anyone in the pop world in recent years has come anywhere near her vocal talent but Whitney was the daughter of gospel singer Cissy Houston, the cousin of Dionne Warwick and goddaughter of the amazing Aretha Franklin so she was born to be one of the greatest. In later years, she was of course known for her substance abuse problem, and her tempestous marriage to bad boy singer Bobby Brown. My heart goes out to her family and particularly her daughter. The world will never forget you queen, may you find the peace you didn't have on earth.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Poster Boy:Alex Turner

Alex Turner is the lead singer of british rock group the Arctic Monkeys. He's a mega talented artist, songwriter and all around cool dude. I'm loving his new look, he's like a 50's movie pin up. I love the song Black Treacle, fantastic lyrics. Hat tip to Fuck Yeah Alex Turner.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Pic of The Week

Twin love. Beyond adorable. OMG


Just gawwwjus. Beautiful.
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