Monday, 6 February 2012

Crushed:Claire Danes

Remember Claire Danes from My So Called Life? Maan, she was one of my major 90's girl crushes. I loved My So Called Life and thought Claire was superb as the red headed angsty teenager. I find Claire very striking, I like her beautiful, strong features and the fact that she isn't skinny. She's very attractive in a real way. She's back in critically acclaimed new series Homeland as tough talking, ambitious CIA agent Carrie Mathison who suspects marine sergeant Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) of plotting against America after being missing in Iraq for eight years. Claire won the golden globe for it for best actress in a drama series. It looks great and is definitely on my must watch list.


  1. Funny I have been watching old episodes of My so called life on Youtube and I am still unsure why it was cancelled? I like how she has not yielded to pressure of Hollywood and got a boob job.

  2. It was such a good show,no idea why they cancelled it.Maybe audience figures dwindled but it had such a cult following I find it hard to believe. Yeah, I like how she rolls.


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