Monday, 23 January 2012

Michael's Oscar Race

So Oscar season is upon us for another year and nominations will be announced tomorrow for Hollywood's self congratulatory night. In the best actor race safe predictions are George Clooney The Descendants, Jean Dujardin The Artist, Brad Pitt Moneyball, Gary Oldman Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Leonardo DiCaprio J Edgar. I really hope Michael Fassbender gets nominated and if he does I hope he wins. Everybody loves George Clooney, by all accounts he seems to be a great human being and a gorgeous man, I think he'll probably win but I'd like to see Michael get it. His performance in Shame is amazing and brave. He possesses astonishing depth and the ability to depict the humanity, pain and fragility of a character,sometimes without saying a word. My favourite irish man's manly delights are just that, delightful. Brooding intensity, rugged, scruffy masculinity and uh, the stupendous talent. Plus I just wanted another excuse to post gratuitous pictures of him and there'll be more of that.

The best actress race should be interesting. The money's been on Viola Davis for The Help for a while but suddenly Meryl nabbed the award for her Iron Lady portrayal of Margeret Thatcher at The Golden Globes. I like them both, they were in Doubt together and both were remarkable in that film. Viola Davis is a revelation and a scene stealer. She stole her scene with Meryl in Doubt and to do that playing opposite one of the best actresses in history is no small feat. Meryl is incredible but it would be brilliant to see Viola get it. She's been underrated for ages. The phenomenal Tilda Swinton could throw a spanner in the works and win for We Need To Talk About Kevin. Love Tilda and her kookiness. I'd also love to see Adepero Oduye get a nod for Dee Rees gutsy flick Pariah. It's always nice at The Oscars when an outsider wins from leftfield. And Steve McQueen should get a nod in the Best Director category for Shame, whether the often predictable oscars has the balls to acknowledge it remains to be seen. All will be revealed...

Update:So the Oscars played it safe(as they always do) and didn't give Steve McQueen or Michael Fassbender a nom in the Best Director and Best actor categories, such a shame. Now that Michael's out of the race, it would be great to see Gary Oldman get it. He's an amazing actor but my money's on gorgeous George.

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