Friday, 20 January 2012

Couple Stalking:Anna Chlumsky and Shaun So

Remember Anna Chlumsky from My Girl? Maan I loved that movie and Anna was so great in it, very talented and destined for big things. I really loved that character because she was a writer, full of personality, precocious and bold. Child stars seem to find it very difficult to transition into adulthood career wise. In Anna's case, I think she actually just chose to do other things. She graduated with a degree in International Studies, worked as a researcher for Zagat and as an Editorial Assistant for Harper Collins. As far as I know, she has returned to acting having featured in 30 Rock, Broadway productions and films. How cute are she and her husband. Very cute. Shaun is a soldier and they had a mix of chinese and western themes in their wedding. Wedding photographs by Steven & Tak.

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