Sunday, 30 October 2011

Jessica Care Moore Says Hi

So I was browsing through the comments section of my blog as you do when I had a total wtf moment in the best way. Amazing US writer and performance poet Jessica Care Moore had stopped by Sober In The Cauldron to say thanks for the post I did about her. That is sweet and indicates what sort of woman she is. It totally made me smile because she's an incredible talent and role model. Jessica is an internationally renowned poet and playwright. She's performed and collaborated with Mos Def, Nas, Gil Scott Heron, Saul Williams, Talib Kweli, Ntozake Shange, Nikki Giovanni and The Last Poets amongst many others. She's been featured in Russell Simmons's Def Poetry show, Essence Magazine and Tv mini series I'll Make Me A World. She's the founder and CEO of Moore Black Press and Black Women Rock! A concert, panel and workshop series inspiring women who play rock and roll. If like me you love literature/spoken word to feed your soul and spirit, check out Jessica Care Moore. She's pretty kick ass.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

The Cool

XY Chromosome Sundae:Cary Joji Fukunaga

Cary Joji Fukunaga is the director of Sin Nombre and Jayne Eyre. He's the son of a Japanese father and Swedish mother. He currently lives in New York but has also lived in Japan and France. He's hot, beautiful bone structure. There's something sexy about handsome men in glasses. Very niiiice.

Weird Et Al Humdinger:8 Foot Tall Lego Man Washes Up On Florida Beach

Several days ago an 8 foot tall lego man embraced the American dream. He was discovered bobbing gently, ankle deep in the surf at the Siesta Key Beach in Florida. The front of his shirt was emblazoned with "No real than you are" and the name Ego Leonard was written at the back. Apparently, Ego Leonard is an artist and this isn't the first time lego man has washed up on shores unexpectedly. He's an intrepid traveller and has also visited Brighton in England and the shores of Zandvoort in the Netherlands. His adventures have been documented on YouTube.


The Tuskgee airmen. The first black aviation unit. Awesome.

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble are PHENOMENAL. I'm kind of a little obssessed with their music. I listen to their tracks while I'm running around London and it sublimely adds a musical texture to the cityscape. It has jazz roots infused with a hip hop sensibility, the band is made up of brothers from an extraordinary musical family. They've worked with artists such as The Roots, Mos Def, Erykah Badu and Damon Albarn. They've even had a documentary made about them. Peruse through the website, their music is great!

Dave Chapelle

Dave Chapelle is one of my favourite comedians ever, infact he's reminiscent of Richard Pryor, one of the greatest. More so than a lot of other comedians who think they are. I love The Dave Chapelle Show which only ran for three seasons. I think Dave is a genius. That show was a massive hit and seemed to appeal to everybody; black, white,asian, hispanic.
I remember being on holiday in America during it's peak and it was all anybody could talk about. Radio stations and the media were buzzing about The Dave Chapelle Show.

So why was that show such a massive hit? I think the crux of it is this: Dave was able to mock the dynamics of race in a hilarious, intelligent way using fresh angles. Some of the sketches were incredibly controversial and I remember being surprised that white people seemed to love him so much and I wondered why that was. I think the answer is that Dave was mocking people's racial prejudices without making them feel guilty about it on the surface. He was commenting on said privelleges but in a very very clever way. And if you went away and processed some of the sketches, there were subliminal messages hidden behind the laughs.

Dave walked away from a 50million dollar contract to make season 4 of the show (the higest paid contract on offer to a comedian ever). He disappeared to Africa leaving the media agog with speculation. Was Dave Chapelle having a mental breakdown? Had Dave Chapelle been doing drugs? Did he crack under the pressure? I think Dave Chapelle walking away from that amount of money shows he's a man of integrity. A lot of people would sell their souls to the devil for that kind of cash. Maybe he suspected he would lose creative control and the show would become a different animal. Maybe he didn't trust the people close to him anymore. I think Dave was in it for the craft, he's an artist and yes a certain level of fame was great but it was a by product. He was already totally freaked out by people recognising him on the street. I think that when the realisation dawned he was about to go stratospheric he knew he couldn't handle that level of fame and scrutiny so he gave it all up and walked away. He had to put his mental health first. So baffled were the media by this, a Time Magazine journalist tracked him down to Africa for an interview. Dave absolutely intrigues me. Check out The Dave Chapelle Show, it's easily available online through various channells, it's provocative and freaking hilarious.

Art On The Brain

Ray Villafane's brilliant pumpkin art.

Saturday, 22 October 2011


Djibouti, Africa October 1978.

Hot Native American Indian Men

Tokala Clifford is an actor. He's starred in the films Skins, Rez Bomb and Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. He also models.Stunning man, wow what an unbelievably beautiful guy. He's Lakota indian.

It's simple, actor Benjamin Bratt is one of the finest mofos around. If you don't know who he is...Well, better late than never. Two of my favourite performances from him are Pinero and La Mission, he was just amazing in them. But he's also well known for Law and Order, Miss Congeniality, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. He's the son of a peruvian indian mother.

Gorgeous Alex Meraz has starred in New Moon and CSI New York. He is of Purhepecha descent.

Rick Mora is a model and actor. He's unreal, magnificent looking guy. He's also starred in the Twilight movies and modelled for Levi. He's of yaqui and apache origin.

Actor and model Eddie Spears. Glorious looking dude, he's of the lakota sioux nation and he also has a handsome brother who acts too called Michael. For more of Eddie, check out his film Black Cloud.

Johnny Depp. He needs no introduction, one of the most talented and beautiful men ever. Johnny's father was part cherokee and creek indian. This makes sense to me because he's never actually looked fully white to me, he looks mixed but he has the kind of exotic look that's acceptable for the mainstream, he passes, a la Keanu Reeves.

The handsome Adam Beach is Canadian Saulteaux. He's best known for Flags of Our Fathers, Windtalkers and Law & Order:Special Victims Unit.

Chaske Spencer is cherokee, creek, french and dutch. He struggled with alcoholism before landing his role in Twilight, bless him. His films include Shouting Secrets, Winter in The Blood and Skins amongst others. He spent his childhood in Montana.

Cutie Kyerin Bennett is a model.

Remember actor Lou Diamond Philips? Maan I used to have a major crush on him as a teenager. He's an actor and director. He's been nominated for both a Tony award and a Golden Globe. His many film, stage and tv roles include Stand and Deliver, La Bamba, The King and I, Young Guns and Young Guns II. His father was of scottish irish and cherokee descent and his mother of fillipino, chinese and japanese origin.

So my bid to keep showcasing ethnically diverse beauty continues, enjoy.

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