Saturday, 22 October 2011

Couple Stalking:Benjamin Bratt & Talisa Sotto

One of my favourite celebrity couples ever is actor Benjamin Bratt and his stunning wife Talisa Sotto. The son of a peruvian indigenous mother and germnan/english father he is absolutely drop dead gorgeous. What I love about them is they seem to be genuinely crazy about each other and not in that fake hollywood way. Benjamin adores his wife and who could blame him. He's best known for Law & Order, Miss Cogeniality and dating Julia Roberts at the height of her career but he's actually a very underrated talent. Check both him and Talisa out in Pinero and La Mission, great performances. They met on the set of Pinero and I guess the rest is history. They have two beautiful children together.


  1. They do make a rather handsome couple.

    I love your Couple Stalking series. Off to comment on the Serena~Common post.

  2. Aww, thanks Aritul, always great to see your comments. Couple Stalking is one of my favourites too,very nice looking couple.


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