Sunday, 16 October 2011

Sade Adu

Sade Adu is one of my favourite musicians, not only is she unbelievably physically beautiful but she seems to have a beautiful spirit and she's a great song writer. Her music touches me.I love her elusiveness, she's a proper artist in every sense of the word and refuses to court the celebrity lifestyle. She has an element of mystery that intrigues me and harkens back to stars of old. People harp on about the over hyped Beyawnce, to me Sade is way more beautiful. Like Lauryn Hill, she is a godess. Seriously, this woman is 50 and she looks amazing, she is ridiculously exquisite. Sade was born to a Nigerian father and an English mother, hence her African name Sade Adu. She spent some time in Nigeria as a child before moving back to the UK. She was actually studying fashion before she hit the big time with her band. Her ultimate collection cd is out now and she's currently on a world tour, next up, she's hitting Brazil. Get the cd and look on the website to see if she's playing anywhere near you.

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