Friday, 31 December 2010


Directed by and Starring Takeshi Kitano and the alluring Tandanobu Asano, Zatoichi is the story of a nomadic blind masseur and master swordsman who arrives at a remote mountain village to find it being exploited by a ruthless gang leader. He also encounters two dangerously seductive geishas with a taste for revenge. Sublime film, action packed and funny. Full of twists and turns to keep you guessing right till the very end.

Sons Of Anarchy

Sons Of Anarchy is my favourite show on television. Set in the fictional town of Charming, California it revolves around an outlaw motorcycle gang and their various criminal operations. The lead protagonist Jax, played by the ridiculously beautiful brit actor Charlie Hunnam struggles with his role as a new father and his ties to the club. The writing and acting is superb in this show, particularly Katey Sagal as Jax's mother and matriarch of the club, just wow.The characters are complex and storylines constantly evolving. Kurt Sutter has done an amazing job writing and producing it. He's made you care and root for essentially a bunch of flawed, dysfunctional anti heroes who will kill to protect what's theirs. Yet they have all those juicy, conflicted grey areas that humanises them. The show is destined for greatness. I can't wait for season 4.

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Eating Bras

Same ol same ol? Doesn't have to be. You can spice up the bedroom antics and cold winter nights in a zany fashion by getting hold of some edible lingerie. There are candy bras, pumpkin bras and chocolate bras for your palette. Go hunting online. Or, that special someone could get some chocolate body paint and do all sorts of imaginative things with it. Bon appetite!

Shed Of Geekdom

Are you a girl? A geek? And do you love technology? Then London Girl Geek Dinner is for you. They organise regular technology focused events with guest speakers for the female of the species. The dinners became so popular that they now also have Girl Geek Coffee Mornings and meet once a forthninght. They've hosted some great events including a british women in manga event in collaboration with Sci-Fi London, a futuristic shopping day at the Apple store on Regent Street and their anniversary dinner at Google UK. There are also branches in New Zealand, America, Australia, across the UK and Europe. It's official, geek is chic.

Weird Et Al Humdinger: The Englishman Who Posted Himself

In the 1800's a delightfl english eccentric called John Bray was an avid and somewhat unusual collecter of all manner of objects. After reading the british post office guide, Bray became inspired to push the bouderies of the postal system. Just to see if strange objects would be delivered. At that time, the smallest item that could be posted was a bee and the largest an elephant. He sent all sorts, including an irish terrier, seaweed, a rabbit skull with the address spelt out on the nasal bone, a slipper and a turnip. Most outrageously he posted himself, becoming the first man to send a human through the mail in 1900 and through registered mail in 1903. But he didn't stop there, he was a noted prankster and experimenter,courting controversy and interest for one reason or another. To discover more about John Bray and his hilarious antics, pick up John Tingey's book The Englishman Who Posted Himself And Other Curious Objects.

Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas

Just wanted to say merry christmas to all, can't believe the blog is nearly a year old bambino.For those of you celebrating an anti christmas, drink and conveniently fall out with annoying family members. If your city or town is over populated, think of ingenius ways to declutter it that remain fantasies.It's been an eventful year, enjoy the break.

Hot Air Balloon Wish

I'm fascinated by hot air balloons, there's something magical about them. I've always wanted to take a hot air balloon flight, see the city at night, catch the sunrise or sunset suspended in the air. The wierd thing is; I'm scared of heights but I think it would be unforgettable. So I'm just putting it out there, in case anybody I know wants to treat me to something special next year. Just saying...

Saturday, 18 December 2010

The Dreamlife Of Angels

The Dreamlife Of Angels is one of my favourite films. It centres on two very different broke young women in Lille, France who become friends. It is heartbreaking, bleak authentic and true. A pitch perfect study of friendship. Both actresses give powerful performances but Elodie Bouchez made me a fan forever with her superb portrayal. She's all rumpled, wide eyed gamine charm and free spirited nomad. Elodie is of Tunisian origin and is a Cesar award winning actress. For the record, I think Elodie is gorgeous,particularly during The Dreamlife of Angels period when she was rocking short hair, a little curvier and less polished. She has a very interesting face.I want to watch all her movies.

XY Chromosome Sundae:Tim Olyphant

I think actor Tim Olyphant is really sexy. Seriously, can you say CHARISMA.He's devilishly handsome and has a mysterious twinkle in his eyes. Also, he just gets better and better with age. And boy can this man rock a cowboy hat.He is pure bad ass ness in Justified. Just freaking awesome in it. The show has me hooked. The beautiful Erica Taziel is also great in it.To discover Tim's charms, catch him in Deadwood, Damages and Justified.


Going to The National Theatre next week to see the production of Fela. The show depicting the life of Nigerian Afro beat legend Fela Kuti.Words aren't enough to describe his awesomeness. My mother got to see Fela in concert when he was alive, I'm so jealous. She had an amazing time.Fela was a genius, political, fearless and unapologetic. The music, hedonistic lifestyle, beautiful African women and on top of all that he used to give tv interviews in his underwear.Can't wait!

Style Spotlight

I love Tracee Ellis Ross's style. But what would you expect from the daughter of Diana Ross? She's colourful, ecclectic and loves wearing bold prints. She takes risks but is always still incredibly stylish. Fantastic hair, body and striking looks. Not typically pretty in that dull, bland way that leaves you feeling nothing. In other words, she rocks and is one of my bona fide style crushes.

Little Beauty

I have no idea who this little girl is, I found her picture online. I think she is perfection,just gorgeous. I want a daughter that looks like this, honestly this kid is a prototype.I like the expression in her eyes, its so...serene. Yet still retains a certain childwoman quality.Her face says I know who I am, who I'll become. And should that crown slip off, you'd still know she's a princess.


Werner Herzog's short film Wodaabe about the Wodaabe tribesmen and women in Africa is hypnotic and jarring.The bizzarely intriguing facial expressions,striking attire, painted faces and incongruous music makes me want to watch it repeatedly. I feel like there are layers upon layers to unravel, not just about the people but the gaze on them. Herzog's gaze, that of the fascinated white man studying African people through the lens and all the issues of power and ownership of stories surrounding it.They are part of the fulani tribe who are physically stunning people. I love that they consider themselves herdsmen of the sun, it's aptly poetic.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

XY Chromosome Sundae:Harry Shum Jr

Jesus Harry how could you keep that body from us all this time? Glee's Harry Shum Jr is a dish. He was born to Chinese parents in Costa Rica and speaks chinese and spanish fluently. He started his career as a hip hop dancer on BET before moving on to starring roles in movies. In the first season of Glee they barely gave him two words, glad this has changed. He is adorable.

Treat Of The Week

I remeneber this video as a teenager, I watched it over and over again whilst wiping the drool from my mouth. I loved this song and had such a huge crush on D'Angelo, he's a very talented man with an incredible voice and was stunning at the time. I already owned his debut album and promptly bought the follow up by the time this was out.So did every other woman who was in her right mind.

This track is phenomenal. Supremely gifted neo soul chameleon Maxwell produces magic once again. I like the video, it's simple yet beautiful. Maxwell's voice is a musical instrument. I like the depiction of him in several couplings cuddling in bed. There's something so intimate about holding someone you care about in bed. You imprint the contours of their body on your memory, your hands. So much so that should they not be around you could almost stroke them into being.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Ode To...

I loved Lisa Nicole Carson in the 90's.That face, hair and body. Wow! She is a voluptous goddess,absolutely gorgeous,like a black Jessica Rabbit. She starred as Ally McBeals's best friend in the show and played Eriq La Salle's love interest in ER. With parts in the films Love Jones, Jason's Lyric and Devil In a Blue Dress, her star as a sultry hollywood starlet seemed to be ascending. But then she diappeared from the limelight completely, with rumours of schizophrenia and reports of erratic behaviour circulating. For years nobody heard a beep from her and she did no acting whatsoever. If the rumours are true my heart goes out to her, such beauty, talent and potential. I'm really pleased to hear she's making a comeback, slowly but surely.

I remember N'Bushe Wright from the films Fresh, Dead Presidents, Blade and Zebrahead. She is stunning and her credits in the 90's were strong. I wish she would have continued to get good roles but I suppose she was saddled with the usual problem for black actresses,beautiful, dark skinned and not enough work.When I want to watch her in all her magnificent glory, I put on Fresh or Dead Presidents.


Reading: Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Vivid, engrossing magical writing.
Listening to: Janelle Monae's sublime offering of an album. Futuristic electro pop funk infused genius.
Just rewatched: Film Paris J'taime. A mileu of stories about love in all its guises in the universally heralded city of love.
Addicted to: Custard tarts heated up so its middle of egg custard melts on the tongue.Yum!

XY Chromosome Sundae:Wyatt Cenac

Wyatt Cenac is an American stand up comedian, actor and writer.He regularly features on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and starred in the movie Medicine For Melancholy.I've talked about the movie before and how much I love Wyatt's performance in it. J'adore this man. He's so cute. He has beautiful eyes, they draw you in. Looks wise he uncanilly reminds me of an ex boyfriend I was crazy about.He's nerdy,funny and has an ecclectic vibe I really like.He's on my list of dream husbands. And whoever heard of a black man named Wyatt? This alone intrigues me.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

First Date Utterances To Keep Sealed

First dates can be a joyous thing, equally, they can be a nightmare with the wrong person. Here's my spin on things to not say on a first date.

1)No really, I think Hitler was misunderstood.

2)My ex and I had sex in the toilet here.

3)I'm weaning myself off Prozac, yeah I'm seeing the world in colour now.

4)I really think if you psychologically damage children at a younger age it makes them stronger human beings you know?

5)I didn't say you needed a nose job, it might be worth thinking about.

6)Man: Could you get this bill? I'm broke. Cheers.

7)They were assholes at my last job. I totally had my multiple personality disorder under control.

8)I met my ex through a dating/pen pals site for prison inmates.He was doing time for double murder.Maan he looked good in that prison uniform. Fuck the system!

9)Man:If you come back to my place you can meet Lolani my blow up sex doll.

10)Man:You remind me of my pet hamster Dirty Harry.It's the way you eat, it's kind of erratic.You should really do something about that.

Red Balloons, Moonwalking and Other Mating Calling Cards

Dont you just love the animal kingdom? They have some of the most wonderfully bizzarre mating rituals. Human beings spend hours, poring over information on how to play the mating game. Not these animals, they keep it instinctual, simple. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Here are a few of my favourites.

What? I taught those Jacksons everything they know.

The Moonwalking Manakin knows how to capture the ladies attention. Don't believe me? Check out the youtube video of the Manakin bustin that famous move!

The player's burden.

The male Antechinus Stuartii loves sex. He loves sex so much he'll do it until he dies. During mating season this little Australian marsupial man dog drops everything to sleep with as many females as he can.He can spend up to 12 hours making love to one female.After they both survive it, barely. He moves onto the next, no time for meals or giving those private parts a break. No siree. When the mating season ends, the stress of being a player takes its toll. He's left with ulcers, a weak immune system and parasites come to feed. He, along with every other male will then die at the end of mating season. At least they die happy and satisfied.

Told you that Kama Sutra book came in handy.

These Bonobo monkeys like to bone. Any excuse. Sex is like a handshake,they use it as a form of greeting, to resolve conflicts and to celebrate.They also like oral sex and french kissing.They enjoy lesbian adventures and same sex wanking. If problem fixing doesn't involve sex well...They can't help you.

Impressive I know. That's how pimps roll.

Meet the Frigatebird. A male Frigatebird's throat sac(that's right throat sac) inflates into a massive, heart shaped red balloon. When the deed is done he calls the female Frigatebirds to come check him out. A female Frigatebird will mate with the male that has the largest and shiniest balloon(it's a brutal world I tell ya). When they're having sex, the male bird uses his wings to cover her eyes so she doesn't get distracted by other males with even bigger balloons!Oh the parrallels to be drawn from that!

I like to penis fence.

Sex is war for Flatworms. They are hermaphrodites, with male and female sexual organs.The male organs are dagger shaped, used for hunting and mating.When they mate two flatworms penis fence to stab each other while trying to avoid being stabbed. The loser gets stabbed and absorbs sperm through the skin.After that comes the joy of motherhood.

Shed Of Geekdom

In which the intrepid spy plays

This brilliantly sneaky gadget is a camera disguised in an Egyptian style lighter. £44.95 Available from Shop Wiki.

Nifty miniature video camera disguised as a functioning pen.For all you budding journalists and private investigators. £24.99 from Play.Com

Dans Le Noir

Ever wanted to attempt eating in the dark and rediscovering the notion of taste and scent? When you eliminate sight, you process your eating experience in a completely different way. Well, there are a number of dark restaurants around the world where you can indulge in this alluringly strange idea including Dans Le Noir. Dans Le Noir have branches in London, Paris, Moscow and Warsaw.I'll definitely be paying a visit there and apparently, the food isn't too shabby either.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Yes Im Obsessed

I think Senegalese born french actress Aissa Magai is stunning. She starred in films such as Bamako, Hidden, Paris J'taime and many others. I'm following her career and hope she gets the roles she deserves. She's a fine actress.

XY Chromosome Sundae:Ben Harper

The beautiful Ben Harper is a musician. He's a friend of Jack Johnson and featured in one of his videos.His music blends funk and folk, I'd describe it as socially conscious. He also makes music with The Innocent Criminals and Relentless 7.He's an avid surfer and has two children with actress Laura Dern.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Couple Stalking

I remember Lisa Bonet from The Cosby show. She was gorgeous and is still stunning now.She and her actor husband Jason Momoa are so beautiful together,they are perfect for each other. Jason is ridiculously good looking,and looks more and more scruffy since meeting Lisa but I love that. Their hippyish, laid back lack of pretention is cool.Lisa has good taste and was previously married to another gorgeous man; Lenny Kravitz, whom she has a daughter with. Lovely actress Zoe Kravitz.She and Jason have two children together.

XY Chromosome Sundae:Fabrizio Moretti / Jose Gonzalez

Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti is not only a great drummer but also smoking hot.Born in Brazil to an Italian father and Brazillian mother, he moved to the states as a kid. I could go on about Fabrizio, the luxurious, untamed curls, the knowing eyes,dirty rock star appeal...But I wont. Lucky Drew Barrymore, she got to tap that.

I think indie folk singer/songwriter Jose Gonzalez is really talented and attractive in a way that isn't immediately obvious. I love his album Veneer.He's of Argentinean descent and based in Sweden. He was in the band Junip before solo stardom beckoned but I believe he's working on new material with them. Here he is rocking the scruffy Jesus Christ look,which I like on him.

Night Swimming

I can't fully articulate how much I love this song. It's my favourite REM song.There are many of their tracks that are brilliant. The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight,Losing My Religion,Shiny Happy People and so on. But this song is so affecting, Michael Stipes is an amazing songwriter. The lyrics "...pining for the moon. And what if there were two? Side by side in orbit around the fairer sun" gets me every time.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Art On The Brain

The way wedding photographer Jason Lee creatively captures his favourite subjects;his adorable daughters is brilliant.This would melt the hardest of hearts.Awesome dad, their world must be a wonderland.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Capsule F

I love vintage images, they tell you so much about a period in time.Badass motorcycle chick and her baby 1971.
Check out the dude, black biker 1920's.

If only I looked this cool listening to records 1950's

The famous Cottons Club Revue 1938 tour through Brazil and its bevy of dance beauties.
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