Thursday, 30 December 2010

Weird Et Al Humdinger: The Englishman Who Posted Himself

In the 1800's a delightfl english eccentric called John Bray was an avid and somewhat unusual collecter of all manner of objects. After reading the british post office guide, Bray became inspired to push the bouderies of the postal system. Just to see if strange objects would be delivered. At that time, the smallest item that could be posted was a bee and the largest an elephant. He sent all sorts, including an irish terrier, seaweed, a rabbit skull with the address spelt out on the nasal bone, a slipper and a turnip. Most outrageously he posted himself, becoming the first man to send a human through the mail in 1900 and through registered mail in 1903. But he didn't stop there, he was a noted prankster and experimenter,courting controversy and interest for one reason or another. To discover more about John Bray and his hilarious antics, pick up John Tingey's book The Englishman Who Posted Himself And Other Curious Objects.


  1. I like book recommendations. Keep them coming.

  2. Glad to hear it! I love literature and read religiously,will do more book posts. :-)


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