Saturday, 28 August 2010

On The Fringe

Festival fun

Operation Greenfield

Sex Idiot

The Blue Lady Sings

I've been in Edinburgh this week for the world famous Edinburgh festival.It was a fantastic experience. I've never visited Scotland and Edinburgh is a beautiful city, very arty and full of eclectic folk. The locals were so friendly despite having hordes of people descend on their city each year at this time. I saw a lot of shows but my highlights were as follows.
Operation Greenfield, Little Bulb's production about christian teenagers in middle England is funny and poignant. Christian Glee Clubesque. Sex idiot, is absolutely brillliant,hilarious, bizzarre and audacious. I think Byrony Kimmons is destined for big things. Her mentor is performance artist/poet Stacey Makishi, so it's no wonder her work is strangely compelling. The Blue Lady Sings, Tricity Vogue's musical cabaret is unique,imaginative and side splittingly funny. I rounded of my time in Edinburgh at The Book festival which had a very different vibe to the fringe. I saw one of Ireland and indeed the world's best loved writers in conversation, Roddy Doyle. He was exactly how I expected him to be, very funny,incredibly candid and unpretentious. I will definitely go to Edinburgh again, you can walk everywhere and it's constantly revealing itself to you.
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