Sunday, 24 October 2010

Yes Im Obsessed

I think Senegalese born french actress Aissa Magai is stunning. She starred in films such as Bamako, Hidden, Paris J'taime and many others. I'm following her career and hope she gets the roles she deserves. She's a fine actress.

XY Chromosome Sundae:Ben Harper

The beautiful Ben Harper is a musician. He's a friend of Jack Johnson and featured in one of his videos.His music blends funk and folk, I'd describe it as socially conscious. He also makes music with The Innocent Criminals and Relentless 7.He's an avid surfer and has two children with actress Laura Dern.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Couple Stalking

I remember Lisa Bonet from The Cosby show. She was gorgeous and is still stunning now.She and her actor husband Jason Momoa are so beautiful together,they are perfect for each other. Jason is ridiculously good looking,and looks more and more scruffy since meeting Lisa but I love that. Their hippyish, laid back lack of pretention is cool.Lisa has good taste and was previously married to another gorgeous man; Lenny Kravitz, whom she has a daughter with. Lovely actress Zoe Kravitz.She and Jason have two children together.

XY Chromosome Sundae:Fabrizio Moretti / Jose Gonzalez

Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti is not only a great drummer but also smoking hot.Born in Brazil to an Italian father and Brazillian mother, he moved to the states as a kid. I could go on about Fabrizio, the luxurious, untamed curls, the knowing eyes,dirty rock star appeal...But I wont. Lucky Drew Barrymore, she got to tap that.

I think indie folk singer/songwriter Jose Gonzalez is really talented and attractive in a way that isn't immediately obvious. I love his album Veneer.He's of Argentinean descent and based in Sweden. He was in the band Junip before solo stardom beckoned but I believe he's working on new material with them. Here he is rocking the scruffy Jesus Christ look,which I like on him.

Night Swimming

I can't fully articulate how much I love this song. It's my favourite REM song.There are many of their tracks that are brilliant. The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight,Losing My Religion,Shiny Happy People and so on. But this song is so affecting, Michael Stipes is an amazing songwriter. The lyrics "...pining for the moon. And what if there were two? Side by side in orbit around the fairer sun" gets me every time.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Art On The Brain

The way wedding photographer Jason Lee creatively captures his favourite subjects;his adorable daughters is brilliant.This would melt the hardest of hearts.Awesome dad, their world must be a wonderland.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Capsule F

I love vintage images, they tell you so much about a period in time.Badass motorcycle chick and her baby 1971.
Check out the dude, black biker 1920's.

If only I looked this cool listening to records 1950's

The famous Cottons Club Revue 1938 tour through Brazil and its bevy of dance beauties.

Weird et al Humdinger

This is a road right? Nope. It's dead fish mimicking a gravel road unwittingly. The image is from a US Louisianna waterway near the gulf totally covered in dead fish,eels,stingrays and tricks the eye into believeing it's seeing a road. Oh mankind, you know what you do.

XY Chromosome Sundae:Haaz Sleinman

Lebanese born actor Haaz Sleinman grabbed my attention in the movie The Visitor for all the right reasons. Not only is he great to look at he's also a good actor. He brought an exuberance and humour to his role the film needed. He also stars in Nurse Jackie.
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