Saturday, 31 March 2012

The Birds

Yada Yada Yada:The Opportunist

Hang Out Happened

The dude Rza and Yoko Ono. Wonder whose winning Lol. Rza is the man, can't wait to see his directorial debut The Man With The Iron Fist starring Russell Crowe.


Ever gorgeous and illusive, the talented and mysterious Sade Adu is a heavenly creature.



En Vogue.

All Saints.

When girlbands were awesome, R.I.P Left Eye.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Couple Stalking:Michael Fassbender and Nicole Beharie

So it's emerged that Michael Fassbender is dating his beautiful Shame co star Nicole Beharie and I have to say I'm not surprised. They had great chemistry in Shame and I remember thinking they'd make such a lovely real life couple and it's as if they heard me lol. Get ready for more haterade Nicole, unfortunately it will surely come. Some of Michael's nuttier female fans have posted some disgusting, racist things and some hilarious things lol ie What is Michael's obsession with black women?!! Cue spitting the dummy and a ridiculous sense of entitlement. How many times do we see images of high profile black men with white women? Exactly. Personally, I have no problem with it whatsoever, people should date who they like. And considering I've dated different kinds of rainbow beaus, I personally don't give a shit. It's funny how when it's a black woman with a non black man that's the object of desire, some people get their panties in a twist. Double standards and hypocrisy. Some of those crazy fans are so fucking moronic, it's obvious that Fassbender likes women of colour, look who he was dating in the past. And he doesn't strike me as the sort that will hide it. Nicole seems to be his type. They're very cute together.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Poster Boy:Salieu Jalloh

What an absolutely stunning man Salieu Jalloh is. I love his look. The model from Sierra Leone is beautiful and unique. Great bone structure and gorgeous skin. Honestly, it's difficult to stop looking at him.

Watch List:Michonne The Walking Dead

So the The Walking Dead season finale aired and it was brilliant. It ended with iconic female character from the comic books Michonne saving Andrea in style. Andrea is a bad ass feisty woman and now another bad ass woman came to her rescue played by the striking Danai Gurira, plus she's a beautiful black chick. She'll feature heavily in the next series. I remember Danai from the film The Visitor, she was great in that and this is so good for her profile. She also starred in Treme and Ghost Town. Is it possible for me to love this show even more? It's just awesome and I cannot wait for the next series. I am missing a certain fantastic, alpha male anti hero but I won't spoil it and reveal who for those who haven't seen the series.

Snapped:Gugu Mbatha-Raw

How stunning is actress Gugu Mbatha Raw at the premiere of her new series Touch? She's just exquisitely gorgeous and I love what she's wearing. She looks superb, very elegant. Gugu previously starred in Undercovers which flopped but she's also the lead actress opposite Keifer Sutherland in Touch. Great to see a woman of colour have such a high profile role. She plays a social worker, I don't care if certain xenephobic morons can't pronounce her African name and don't want to learn how to, it's a cool name. Danny Glover also stars.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Watch List:Head Hunters

Based on Jo Nesbo's novel, Norwegian film Head Hunters follows the trials and tribulations of a successful head hunter who risks it all to procure the valuable painting of a former mercenary. This kooky thriller has oddball and unconventional written all over it, right up my streeet. I'm pretty certain that soon, Hollywood will ruin it with a remake. Catch the original first.
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