Friday, 18 May 2012

Crushed:Julie Delphy

I've had a lady crush on french auteur Julie Delphy for a while. She's so my kind of chick, creative, offbeat and ballsy. Also, is it me or are french women just inherently very attractive? Julie is a talented actress, director, screenwriter and singer songwriter. She studied film making in New York. Most people probably know her for Three Colours White, Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and 2 Days in Paris which she wrote, directed and starred in. The film also features her real life father playing the role of her father. I love the scene in the taxi cab where she gets into a verbal slanging match with a racist cab driver and gives him hell while her boyfriend, Adam Goldberg's character looks as if he'd like to vanish and the scene in the restaurant where they bump into another one of her exes and she almost beats him up. Hilarious. I think Julie's a good example of women in film who are producing the kind of movies they want to make. Rather than being completely reliant on Hollywood for roles, she'll also create them for hereself and hopefully for other actresses in the future.

Watch List:2 Days in New York

I absolutely love 2 Days in Paris, written, directed by and starring Julie Delpy, it's one of my favourite romantic comedies. Julie and Adam Goldberg are comedy gold as a couple who visit her native Paris to rekindle their tumultuous relationship only for Adam's character to be faced with an onslaught of ex boyfriends and the antics of her eccentric family. Seriously,I laughed my ass off and it's really well written. Fast forward a few years later and Delphy's character is now a mother in New York living with radio host beau Chris Rock. When her kooky family decide to visit, cue cultural clashes, confusion and more hilarity. Chris Rock and Julie in a film together sounds good to me and I definitely want to see this.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

The Cool


Erykah Badu. Singer, artist, occupant of earth and other planets. Godess extraordinaire

Crushed:Talk To Me

Taraji P Henson and Don Cheadle in Talk To Me, directed by Kasi Lemmons. Awesomeness times deux.

Director's Cut:Kasi Lemmons

Kasi Lemmons is a talented American film director and actress. She's known for directing the films Eve's Bayou, The Caveman's Valentine and Talk To Me. She's due to direct the adaptation of Zadie Smith's book On Beauty.

R.I.P:Donna Summer

Disco Queen Donna Summer has died aged 63. The beautiful, sultry disco legend lost her battle with cancer. Damn, so many singers dying lately. I suppose it's inevitable, the circle of life. Rest in peace lady and long may people continue to dance to your tracks. I still can't get over how much Kelly Rowland looks like her. It's uncanny, Kelly should definitely be cast to play her if they ever decide to make a movie about Donna's life.

Pal Pal Pursuit:Marilyn Monroe and Ella Fitzgerald

I remember discovering some years back that beautiful Marilyn Monroe and the amazing Ella Fitzgerald were good friends. Initially I thought what an unlikely friendship but then actually it's really not that surprising. Yeah it was the 50's but they both moved in show biz circles and I'm sure unlikely friendships were formed more often than people think. The story goes that Ella wanted to play at Mocambo, a very popular club in the 50's but they wouldn't book Ella because she was black. Enter sweetheart Marilyn who personally phoned the night club owner and asked him to book Ella immediately, on the agreement that Marilyn would appear at the front table every night Ella sang. She did and the press loved it. Lovely story and nice to see women support each other across colour lines. I already liked Marilyn, she had a lot more depth than being just a beautiful woman, this story made me like her even more.

Poster Boy:Kim Bum

Korean actor Kim Bum. He's best known for dramas Boys Over Flowers and Padam Padam. What a cutie pie, he reminds me of a younger Takeshi Kaneshiro. Hat tip to Fuck Yeah Asian Men.

Ill Still

Oldboy hammer scene, epic.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Watch List:Girls

I've seen a couple of episodes of HBO's new series Girls and I really like it. It's been compared to Sex and The City for obvious reasons and I see why people would do that but I actually think it's very different in tone, same New York different show. I loved Sex and The City, this could be even better potentially. It's well written, quirky and funny with brilliantly rendered characters. Lena Dunham whose the writer,lead character, director and executive producer is seriously talented and if she continues to write the way she has, I can see the show having longevity.
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