Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Couple Stalking:Michael Fassbender and Nicole Beharie

So it's emerged that Michael Fassbender is dating his beautiful Shame co star Nicole Beharie and I have to say I'm not surprised. They had great chemistry in Shame and I remember thinking they'd make such a lovely real life couple and it's as if they heard me lol. Get ready for more haterade Nicole, unfortunately it will surely come. Some of Michael's nuttier female fans have posted some disgusting, racist things and some hilarious things lol ie What is Michael's obsession with black women?!! Cue spitting the dummy and a ridiculous sense of entitlement. How many times do we see images of high profile black men with white women? Exactly. Personally, I have no problem with it whatsoever, people should date who they like. And considering I've dated different kinds of rainbow beaus, I personally don't give a shit. It's funny how when it's a black woman with a non black man that's the object of desire, some people get their panties in a twist. Double standards and hypocrisy. Some of those crazy fans are so fucking moronic, it's obvious that Fassbender likes women of colour, look who he was dating in the past. And he doesn't strike me as the sort that will hide it. Nicole seems to be his type. They're very cute together.


  1. She is so lovely, and they look so happy together. I don't understand why anyone cares who a celebrity they don't know and will never meet is dating. That lady has it going on in so many ways. I hope she pops in her hate-blocking earplugs and enjoys what looks to be a great match.

    PS I love your site and all the pretty people you find!

  2. Aww,thanks for your comment re the blog, very sweet of you.Yeah,the Fassy and Nicole definitely have it going on. Some people can't bear to see others happy, it's jealousy.I hope she does ignore that nasty element.


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