Sunday, 5 December 2010

Ode To...

I loved Lisa Nicole Carson in the 90's.That face, hair and body. Wow! She is a voluptous goddess,absolutely gorgeous,like a black Jessica Rabbit. She starred as Ally McBeals's best friend in the show and played Eriq La Salle's love interest in ER. With parts in the films Love Jones, Jason's Lyric and Devil In a Blue Dress, her star as a sultry hollywood starlet seemed to be ascending. But then she diappeared from the limelight completely, with rumours of schizophrenia and reports of erratic behaviour circulating. For years nobody heard a beep from her and she did no acting whatsoever. If the rumours are true my heart goes out to her, such beauty, talent and potential. I'm really pleased to hear she's making a comeback, slowly but surely.

I remember N'Bushe Wright from the films Fresh, Dead Presidents, Blade and Zebrahead. She is stunning and her credits in the 90's were strong. I wish she would have continued to get good roles but I suppose she was saddled with the usual problem for black actresses,beautiful, dark skinned and not enough work.When I want to watch her in all her magnificent glory, I put on Fresh or Dead Presidents.


  1. What happened to them? I heard LNC went crazy. What has she been in as of late?

  2. Very sad about LNC,I think there was some sort of mental illness and she hasn't been in anything for ages.She was great, I really hope she's getting the support she needs and will appear back on the screen at some point.

    N'Bushe is still working and has featured in both films and tv stuff.I haven't seen any of her recent roles but God's Forgotten House got good reviews.


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