Sunday, 5 December 2010

XY Chromosome Sundae:Wyatt Cenac

Wyatt Cenac is an American stand up comedian, actor and writer.He regularly features on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and starred in the movie Medicine For Melancholy.I've talked about the movie before and how much I love Wyatt's performance in it. J'adore this man. He's so cute. He has beautiful eyes, they draw you in. Looks wise he uncanilly reminds me of an ex boyfriend I was crazy about.He's nerdy,funny and has an ecclectic vibe I really like.He's on my list of dream husbands. And whoever heard of a black man named Wyatt? This alone intrigues me.


  1. Another post that I somehow missed. I liked Medicine for Melancholy. If you had a bf like Wyatt, then you were a lucky girl.

  2. Wyatt is so great,love this guy. Re my ex that reminds me of him, he's a really cool guy but not perfect. We're atually very good friends now. I told him about his Wyatt resemblance and similar vibe, he took it as a compliment. :-)


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