Friday, 13 January 2012

Awkward Black Girl Season 1 Finale

Whoop whoop, the season finale of Awkward Black Girl has arrived and it's a cracker. Jay finally makes a decision. Will she choose gorgeous fine as hell chameleon Fred or the adorably cute, hilarious and equally awkward white Jay? Click on the link below to watch and look out for the genius guest appearance from a certain someone. God I love this show. What am I going to do now that this season is over?! It's like crack for me. If you want the show to continue to grow, donate and support it. How many authentic, touching depictions are out there of a beautiful, awkward, funny, dark skinned black woman? Exactly. I can't wait for season 2.


  1. Big fan of this show as well. Did you enjoy how everything turned out?

  2. You have good taste.:-) I did, Fred is very very cute,heart broke a little for him when Jay made her decision but Jay and white Jay together are magical,hilarious and endearingly awkward. They're definitely on their way to becoming one of my favourite onscreen couples. Great season finale.Looking forwad to seeing how the show and characters evolve in season 2.Were you pleased with the outcome?


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