Sunday, 8 January 2012


Rock chick RES. She is sooo beautiful. If there was any justice she would have been a big star. Golden Boys is one of my favourite songs. She was ahead of her time and I think in the 90's, record companies didn't know how to market black female artists who didn't neatly fit into predictable boxes. Interestingly enough, Santogold was the Executive Producer of her album. For Res's magic, listen to her album How I Do.


  1. Golden Boys is my favorite song of hers. She is really beautiful. I think for a time, after her first single, she devoted her efforts to modeling. I believe she appeared in the Ecko Red ads.

    I agree that she was sort of a pioneer in the late 90s, early 2000s for black artists who infused a bit of rock into their work, kind of like a Kelis.

  2. Kelis is a great comparison,really feel like Res was cheated.Not surprised she modelled a bit, she is so gorgeous. I think she's still making music. Definitely somewhat of a pioneer.


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