Sunday, 15 January 2012

Crushed:Michael Fassbender

Irish German actor Michael Fassbender is one of the most exciting, dynamic men around in my opinion. He's ridiculously talented and completely intrigues me, 100% all man. I think he's versatile, dark and devilish. I love the fact that he's willing to embrace darkness as an actor and challenge himself. I know some people didn't approve of him dating Zoe Kravitz but at least he has good taste. The hype is justified with films such as 300, Hunger, Fish Tank, Inglourious Basterds, Jane Eyre, X Men:First Class, Shame, A Dangerous Method and Prometheus. His performance in Shame is incredible, if both he and Steve McQueen don't get Oscar nods it's a travesty. Honestly, go and see Shame if you haven't already. It's an engrossing, heartbreaking character study.Sexy Mofo. I like how he rolls.

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  1. Hi Fried Dodo, Really like the collection of MF pictures that you assembled - and you describe him well!

    I also did a post on him, concerning his role in The Counsellor. MF's so hot, he'll burn our retinas one day, but until then....


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