Monday, 2 January 2012

Joie Lee

I've always had a girl crush on Spike Lee's sister Joie Lee. I remember watching her as a kid in Mo Better Blues. I was in love with Denzel but I was also a little in love with her too. She looked ridiculously cool to me with her tiny frame and striking looks, not classically pretty but unforgettable which in a way makes her more interesting to look at. Her hair is amazing and I love the way she rocks it so confidently. How gorgeous are she and Denzel in that picture from Life...Too cute, great onscreen couple and they would have made a great real life couple too. She's starred in a lot of Spike's movies but is also a screenwriter and producer in her own right. She wrote and produced Crooklyn.


  1. She's an amazing women, thanks for sharing her with us. I've seen her around Brooklyn a couple of times.

  2. Monique that's so so cool, I'm a little jealous lol! If I spotted her I'd probably have to repress the inclination to stalk her a little.She's amazing, big fan of hers. My pleasure. Next time you see her ask to take a photo, I'd love to post it! xx :-)

  3. I love her work and if she's doing any independent work I will search for it past and present!


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