Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin is a New York Knicks point guard and the first American player of Taiwanese descent to play in the league. He's not only a great basketball player, he's also got brains, he's a Harvard graduate. I've known about Jeremy Lin for a while and wondered what impact he'd have if he blew up. Now it's happened I think it's brilliant. "Linsanity" has swept New York , is sweeping China and I predict will sweep many parts of Asia. He'll introduce a whole new audience to basketball.

I can't believe there are people whining about the attention he's receiving. Of course there's a lot of limelight because he's an asian american guy playing in a predominantly black sport. The same thing happened with Lewis Hamilton in formula 1 racing, Tiger Woods in golf and the Williams sisters in tennis. If you've followed his story, you'll know he's had a tough time because he's an asian guy playing basketball. He deserves the success and spotlight. I think it's great for asian american guys who've been ignored or portrayed stereotypically by the media. In Lin they have a cool, relatable guy whose kicking ass.

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