Thursday, 8 July 2010

XY Chromosome Sundae:Joseph Gordon Levitt

Actor Joseph Gordon Levitt is one beautiful man. I've been following his career and he's very talented. He's rumpled and funny.Kooky,goofy and can switch from sensitive to humerous to intense roles effortlessly. He has depth,great range and potential. I think he may have some asian in him, he certainly looks it. I saw him in Mysterious Skin some years back and was blown away by such a brilliantly broken, honest, raw performance. I couldn't take my eyes off him, prior to that I'd always seen him as that kid actor from Third Rock From The Sun.Mysterious Skin made me see him differently.He is adorable in indie rom com 500 Days of Summer, you'll fall in love with him. I drool, I drool. Catch him in Inception with the fantastic Leonardo Di Caprio which looks great.


  1. if you haven't yet seen brick, watch it. he's absolutely mesmerising (and frickin hot!) in it... not too bad in inception neither

  2. Hi Jane,
    sorry I've just seen this comment! Yeah he's great in brick and I loved him in Inception. I actually thought he stole the show in Inception, it was such an assured performance.And yes he is seriously hot!


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