Saturday, 9 April 2011

10 Reasons Why Angela Bassett Rocks

Angela Bassett is one of my favourite actresses ever so in lieu of seeing her in The Green Lantern opposite Ryan Reynolds I thought I'd compile a list of why she's a badass.

  • She's mega talented and one of the most underrated actresses ever. She has a career spanning film, tv and theatre. It's a travesty that Hollywod doesn't give her the recognition and accolades she deserves because of their racism. Yeah she won a golden globe but she should have gotten that oscar for her fantastic depiction of Tina Turner in What's Love Got To Do With It? If Angela were white she'd have Meryl Streep status. No offence to Halle Berry who I like but Angela can act rings around her.

  • She juggles many hats with style! In high school she was a member of the debate team, student government, drama club, choir and a cheerleader.

  • She was a brilliant student and won a scholarship to Yale University.

  • At 52 she's gorgeous with a body that would put most twenty somethings to shame.

  • She has good taste in men and married the lovely Courtney B Vance.

  • She kicked ass in Katherine Bigelow's Strange Days.

  • She has incredible eyes! Not only are her eyes beautiful but every time I watch her in something I'm struck by how much emotion they show.

  • She's an ambassador for UNICEF and an avid supporter of arts programmes for young people.

  • She has strong principles and has refused roles she felt would portray a negative image even if potentially they could have opened more doors.

  • By all accounts, she's a wonderful mother and wife. She's inspirational and I love her. That is all.

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