Sunday, 10 April 2011

Good Deed of The Week!

This is UK based playwright and actress Theresa Roche. Theresa's from Bristol and wrote 1867, a play about about black female entrepreneur Madame CJ Walker. The poignant play showed at The Rich Mix and I reviewed it on this blog. Theresa's entered a competition to play Mary Brunel, wife of the great engineer. And guess what? She's only gone and made it to the final! But she needs the public to vote for her in order to win. So if you want to do something generous for someone that's absolutely free, vote for her. She is lovely, beautiful, talented and passionate about bringing the stories of inspirational women to light. It takes three seconds and it will put a smile on your face! To vote for Theresa and watch a video of her in action playing the part, click on the link below.

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