Sunday, 24 April 2011

Capsule Y


Nicki Minaj is a kaleidoscope.

Hell yeah. Chicks with swagger. Love their style and attitude.

Funky, ecclectic chickita.

Pseudonym beauty muse.

Technicolor honey dip.

Toffee candy chick. Glorious, love her look and style. Gaaaawjus!

Elegance eclipsing light. Who said too much chocolate is bad for you?

And the word was goddess.

Adaoeze says don't adjust your screens.

Vampy hottie.

Wow, the darker the berry the sweeter the juice.

Tomiko Fraser. Black bambi alert! Phenomenal looking woman.

Exquisite. Beauty to be etched on walls and canvasses.

African Hibiscus.

Yeeeah bwoy. Great style.

Shingai Shoniwa. Stunning.

Baaaad mamajama.

Shades of Kelis. Funk soul yummy mummy that she is.

Sultry Jill Marie Jones says "What, you looking at me?"

Isabel Corriea, always a vision.

Grace is the place.

Blinding beauty.

Unreal! Sculpted to life.

Dreadlock beauty.

Cool chick, yeah my hands can talk.

Ciara, damn girl. She can do unbelivable moves with that body.

Briana Michelle gets your attention.

Au natural caramel delight. Wow.

I have profile envy.

Artist spin.

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