Saturday, 9 April 2011

Black Beauty International 2

Agbani Darego. Nigeria. Hailing from my home country,the former Miss World winner is drop dead gorgeous. Africa is full of women who look like this, do not be fooled by tv images.

Imany Mladjao. Comoros Islands Africa. Another African beauty. Good grief, stunning. I could look at her eyes, the planes and angles of her face for ages.

Unknown rose. No idea who she is but she is gorgeous, just lovely.

Adaora Akubilo. Nigeria. Fantastic features and she makes me think of swans for some reason!

Carla Campbell. Jamaica. Jesus christ what's in the water in Jamaica? Making it rain Carla.

Dakore Egbuson. Nigeria. She's a radiant beauty. If eyes are the windows to the soul doesn't she make you want to jump right into hers?

Karynn Sunarth. Jamaica. Hell yeah, hot as hell.

Isabel Correa. Brazil. Isabel is so freaking gorgeous and she wears her crown well.

Miriam Odemba. Tanzania. The fashion designer is delectable in her ensemble. What a ridiculously pretty lady.

Valerie Valensa. Brazil. The queen of carnival just glows and what an amazing figure.

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