Friday, 20 May 2011

Psychology Today's Racist Article

Model Vilayna Lasalle.

Headwrap beauty.

Former Miss USA Kenya Moore.

More of Model Vilayna Lasalle.

Natural beauty.

So a few days ago Psychology Today published an article titled "Why are black women less physically attractive than other women?" by evolutionary crapologist Satoshi Kanazawa. From his bullshit research, Kanazawa came to the "objective" conclusion that black women are "significantly less physically attractive than women of other races." Not only that, but they're cocky too. Now I really don't want to dignify this garbage with too much space so I won't. Every now and again articles like this come along. "Black people less intelligent than white people!" or "Black women more likely to die from cancer!" I just have to laugh, it doesn't even make me mad because nothing surprises me anymore.

You just know tiny minded, deluded racists out there will let this seep into their consciousness and lap it up. I'm not going to bother discussing the self serving western social constructs of beauty and race. Comical and hypocritical considering people spend fortunes paying for attributes black women have naturally; tanned skin, butt implants, lip injections for fuller lips. It's almost a back handed compliment. It's obvious what the agenda is here, racism under the guise of scientific research. The west has been using this trick for decades. Kanazawa is a grade A asshole and he has a history of offensive claims. However, Psychology Today are just as accountable, if not more so in my eyes. They have no integrity and this is a sensationalistic way of garnering some profile. I find it very interesting that in this current climate articles like this are being published. It's all deliberately done. In the mean time, check out Philip from You Offend Me You Offend My Family's hilarious take from the link below, along with Jezebel's and Angry Asian Man's thoughts.

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