Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Out and Proud

CNN news anchor Don Lemon has come out as gay. He revealed it in his memoir. As well as being a respected journalist, he is known for speakng about his experience as a child victim of abuse at the hands of a paedophile. I think his coming out is great news and definitely a mile stone, not just for young gay men in general but particularly for black gay men who fear the furore of their community. Don is a role model and I love his balls and attitude. Also, is he not just the most exquisitely handsome news anchor? He and TJ Holmes are stunning men. Now we'll just wait and see if another sexy news anchor will come out and cofirm what everybody knows,yes I'm talking about the hotness that is Anderson Cooper.

Also, how many gay black celebrities come out? In black culture being gay is seen as the worst thing a person can be and that if you're a gay man you are weaker. Well Don has just shattered those perceptions and I totally support him. I hope other people do too. If CNN make the pathetic move of letting him go I'm sure other opportunities will come. With his fantastic looks, talent and intelligence he wil not be short of offers. I think he's very courageous. Go Don! You are brilliant. Watch Don on the Joy Behar show in the clip above, talking about why he's comfortable with who he is and not worried about a damn thing.


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