Saturday, 28 May 2011

Giovanni Ribisi

I really like actor Giovanni Ribisi. He has a brilliantly dynamic onscreen presence and is very interesting to watch. His style is almost neurotic, frenetic. There's a danger to it, as if he's right on the edge. He's the sort of actor you suspect completely immerses himself in his roles, lives it. Surprisingly, he's also fantastic at portraying comedic parts. I say surprisingly because very few actors can make you laugh and cry. He can. If you haven't seen his work check out Boiler Room, David Lynch's Lost Highway, Cold Mountain, The Dead Girl and his phenomenal turn in The Gift. I have no idea why he isn't a bigger star, he's cute and has way more talent than some of the other actors who've filtered into mainstream success but maybe he likes it that way. He's also starred in Friends and won an award for his guest slot on My Name Is Earl. Next up The Rum Diaries opposite Johnny Depp.

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