Saturday, 14 May 2011

Couple Stalking: Couples You Didn't Know Were Couples

Erykah Badu and Outkast's Andre 3000. God I loved this two as a couple. I actually wish they'd get back together. What an amazing union. Can you imagine the creativity, the collaboration, the craziness. They have a beautiful son called Seven , see above adorable pic of father and son.
I love Andre 3000, he is such a unique, beautiful man and spirit. If I was Erykah, I would have married his ass. Kid, your mother is the incredibly talented godess Erykah Badu and your father the weirdly wonderful, super fly Andre 3000. It doesn't get much cooler than that in my book.

Aaliyah and Damon Dash. The stunning singer and actress with her boyfriend Damon, Jay Z's former best friend and business partner. Still sad about her death, rip angel. Not only did practically everybody on the music scene back then love Aaliyah but so did Damon's family. See exhibit A of Aaliyah cuddling Damon's beautiful cousin, actress Stacey Dash. Damon said "We were going to get married, as soon as she'd finished The Matrix, she was the love of my life." Just heart breaking.

The phenomenal singer Miriam Makeba and her activist / black panther husband Stokely Carmichael. Africa still mourns for you, she was an incredible woman. I still listen to her records all the time and I remember my mother playing them growing up.

Mark Paul Gosselaar and Lark Voorhies. The Saved By The Bell co stars kept their romance under wraps, probably so the fanbase wouldn't freak out. While people were following his character's romantic shenanigans on screen, well, he was busy getting down with his hot, yummy co star Lark, see cute pics of the couple on holiday and chilling in Mark's garden. Also, betcha didn't know that Mark is part asian. I know, he looks like a typical, blonde american jock. His mother is indonesian and his father is dutch.

Robin Givens and Brad Pitt. Yup, before she married Mike Tyson and back when she was the star in shows like Head of The Class, sexy, sultry Robin was the famous one and nobody knew who Brad was. My how things have changed. Incidentally, Brad also dated Thandie Newton and Sinita, I see you Brad...

Rae Dawn Chong and C Thomas Howell. Very cute couple. They were married and starred in the movie Soul Man together. I always thought Rae was very beautiful. She was like an eighties version of Stacey Dash or Stacey Dash is the latest version of her. I remember C Thomas Howell from movies like The Outsiders and Rae starred opposite Arnold Swarzenegger in Commando. Rae is Afro Asian. She's the daughter of famous irish/chinese comedian Tommy Chong and a black Canadian mother, Maxine Sneed.


  1. not really surprised by any of the couples, however I am surprised that Mark Paul Gosselaar is half Asian.

    Ps Stacey Dash is like a later version of Rae Dawn Chong

  2. Mark being half asian is definitely a surprise and agree re Stacey being a later version of Rae. :-)


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