Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The Michelle Effect

My favourite couple are in London and I'm followng their every move, I just love them. Together they make a phenomenal team and couple, just check out their stats. I think Michelle is an amazing woman. Not only is she beautiful and charismatic but she's also intelligent and warm. The woman studied at Princeton University and Harvard Law School. She is sooo real and I adore that about her. I love that she's being herself and doing things on her terms. That's why she's an inspiration to lots of women around the world. She has this incredible self confidence that tells you she's happy with who she is. She champions causes she's passionate about and has a great sense of style! I love her style, ecclectic and bold she has fun with fashion and you can see her personality reflected in the clothes she wears. She mixes high street with designer attire and sales of anything she wears usually go through the roof. I also really like the fact that she chooses designers from different ethnic backgrounds, she's inclusive and just very savvy. Love her. :-)

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