Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The Cultural Significance of Fast Five

Fast Five is a guilty pleasure kind of movie, infact the whole Fast and Furious brand is. Fast cars, hot men and women, action. Repeat formula. It doesn't take itself too seriously and admitedly is entertaining. Here's what's more interesting about Fast Five, it's directed by asian american director Justin Lin, full of brown, black and yellow people and pulled in a record breaking $86.2 million in its opening weekend. For decades, Hollywood has been hiding behind their unspoken consensus that people of colour don't sell movies, well Fast Five blows that out of the water. Hollywood has always been slow to catch on to trends, it's as if they need grenades shoved up their asses. Does this mean that they will now get the hint and start featuring more diverse casts? Probably not immediately but the green does not lie and since they care about their bottom line they'll pay attention. Big congratulations to Justin Lin.

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