Sunday, 29 May 2011

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So I've been looking at the stats for this blog and it make for interesting reading in terms of what's popular. My most popular post is Pharell Williams from the XY Chromosome Sundae section. Pharrell is awesome so coolio with moi. Infact, Pharrell has more views than anybody else for now, he is way out in front by a stupendously gigantic margin in that section followed by Dijimon Hounsou, Samoan New Zealand rugby player Sony Bill Williams and Ryan Gosling. My black beauty and hot asian men posts also have loads of views which is great to see. Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger come in second after Pharrell overall. This isn't a shock as they're a great couple and people seem to agree with my sentiments and love them.

My posts on Joseph Gordon Levitt (Love him), my trip to Cape Verde (Eu amo Cabo Verde) and my style spotlight on Zoe Kravitz also scored highly. Like her parents Zoe is a cool cool chick with fantastic style and as her profile increases, she's only going to get more popular methinks.Hopefully she won't loose that quirky vibe I really like about her. Posts creeping up increasingly are: Couples you didn't know were couples, Psychology today's racist article, Once were warriors, Harry Shum Jnr and Diego Luna. That's the simple breakdown, interesting indeed stats wise and pleasantly surprising in some ways. :-)

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